Simple and elegant: the pale surfaces of SapienStone kitchen countertops

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Made unalterable by the resistance and impermeability of Iris Ceramica Group porcelain, the SapienStone kitchen countertop is a refined, exclusive solution for kitchens in all styles.  Pale surfaces take advantage of all the potential of daylight and artificial light to underline the harmony of spaces, amplifying the way they are perceived and creating elegant, refined effects. The unique properties of SapienStone high-tech ceramics make them usable outdoors and in the bathroom too, where the performance of porcelain makes all the difference in the long term

Simple and elegant: the pale surfaces of SapienStone kitchen countertops
The kitchen is one of the most rapidly evolving spaces in house design, in terms of both the aesthetic of materials and the new technologies that add new functions.
It’s easy to become enamoured of a particular style or a new development in technology, now that the web offers an impressive variety of kitchen styles accumulated in only a few years, with something for all tastes and requirements.
From vintage and rustic looks to the American and Nordic styles, for small apartments or big spaces joining onto the living room, all forms of kitchen design can be custom-tailored for the available surface area.
SapienStone, a member of the Iris Ceramica Group, makes innovative kitchen countertops and tabletops for all requirements.
From dark to pale colours and a series of neutral hues, SapienStone proposes a vast catalogue of nuances and effects (stone, cement, marble and wood) to underline every kind of kitchen, for residential or professional use (restaurants, bars, cafeterias).
SapienStone porcelain, composed of ceramic clays and colourfast hues, focuses its performance on absolute strength
This is the quality of porcelain most widely appreciated in the kitchen and elsewhere, as in bathrooms and outdoor spaces where surfaces are continually in contact with water, moisture, light and other factors which can have an impact on its properties. 
In the bathroom, for example, factors such as heat from the hairdryer and the aggression of nail polish remover can cause damage and wear to surfaces.
SapienStone is also an excellent solution for spaces of these kinds, because its acknowledged technical qualities (including practically absolute impermeability) guarantee long-term maintenance of the slab’s aesthetic value.
In the kitchen, SapienStone surfaces are also resistant to heat, an important factor in a room where surfaces come into contact daily with utensils that could potentially damage them. This is not the case of SapienStone porcelain, which can withstand high temperatures, unlike other kitchen counter materials.
This resistance also extends to scratching and abrasion, as well as ordinary household chemicals and acids, and as substances of this kind are frequently used in the kitchen, these properties make all the difference.
In this gallery we propose a series of pale-coloured finishes, the effects of which capture the same simple, attractive mood.
White Calacatta, Urban Argento and Calacatta Statuario all feature an exclusive shade of white that makes them perfect for combination with the trendiest styles or boldest forms of customisation, also in contrast with dark hues.
Calacatta is a traditional Italian marble characterised by prestigious subtle veins, while Urban Argento expresses all the energy of the cement effect, on the visual and tactile levels.
The pale surfaces in these collections create spaces in which the pattern of marble or cement effects always expresses harmony, practicality and exclusiveness. 
The result is original, personal spaces which stand out for the simplicity of the background, always a sought-after value in contemporary design.
Moreover, with pale colours, designers make the most of the potential of light effects. Iris Ceramica Group porcelain’s many aesthetic qualities include the ability to reflect, harmonise and convey light, creating the impression of bigger, more welcoming spaces.
In the pale marbles in the SapienStone collections (Calacatta Statuario, Bright Onyx, Premium White, Bianco Lasa, Calacatta Light), the original subtle grey veins flicker across the uniform white background of the ceramic slab to create a pleasing sensation of elegance and refinement.
The White Calacatta and Calacatta Statuario hues and their corresponding Mirrored slabs can also be used to create an interesting book match effect.
This is the fascinating look created when slabs are placed side by side so that they mirror one another, an effect synonymous with top quality in quarried stone.

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