SapienStone: the porcelain countertop for today’s kitchens


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SapienStone is a brand of kitchen countertops for the home and for professional use in bars and restaurants that draws on the decades of experience of the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the production of top quality porcelain floor and wall coverings. Surfaces in hues of white, black, grey and beige combine all the most refined qualities of today’s kitchens: hygiene, resistance to high temperatures and scratching, non-absorbency and long-term inalterability

SapienStone: the porcelain countertop for today’s kitchens
The kitchen countertop is the key element in the cooking area and the most important surface in the design of the entire kitchen.
For everyday meal preparation, the best kitchen countertops on the market must respond above all to the need for convenience and practicality, as well as to aesthetic requirements linked with personal tastes and with the vast range of colours and special effects on offer.
Every little detail is important in the design of the contemporary kitchen: from the size of the surface to easy cleaning, from the level of maintenance required to customisation of peninsulas and islands. These are only a few of the many aspects to be taken into consideration to ensure that you choose the best possible kitchen countertop: an element you are not likely to change for many, many years.
Of all the products available on the market, only porcelain offers all the primary qualities increasingly in demand among designers and their clients. A through-coloured material, porcelain stands out for its non-absorbency, resistance and aesthetic variety, factors which make it the best product for today’s kitchen countertops.
The Iris Ceramica Group is a world leader in the production of the best floor and wall coverings made of porcelain, an increasingly innovative, versatile material perfect for decorating indoors or outdoors thanks to the potential of porcelain maxi-slabs for customisation of spaces.

In 2016 the Iris Ceramica Group established SapienStone, the world’s first brand dedicated entirely to porcelain countertops to amplify the functions of high-tech ceramic.
All the Iris Ceramica Group’s know-how is concentrated in a single product that now offers properties that were unthinkable at one time, including better resistance to high temperatures, stains, chemicals and scratching than any other product in circulation, “such as wood, laminates and quartz surfaces, which are all more easily scratched".
SapienStone’s colour and shine are obtained without the aid of protective varnishes or coloured resins, and the brand stands out for its painstaking selection of raw materials.
Colours and finishes
The most popular colours for SapienStone countertops are whites, beiges, greys and blacks.
The whites include the particularly intense Uni Ice, an "ultrawhite" shade perfect for both classic and modern kitchens. High-impact Uni Ice floods kitchen surfaces with light, and is available with either a natural or a polished finish.
Calacatta Statuario is a "pure white" inspired by refined, classic taste, a fascinating material inspired by the understated luxury of precious marbles, perfect for today’s refined interiors.
Shades of black include Basalt Black, a colour inspired by volcanic rock, and Dark Marquina, with subtle white veins based on those of one of the most popular types of marble for use as cladding; along with Malm Black and Urban Antracite, this dark colour palette guarantees elegance and expressiveness in the contemporary kitchen.
Delicacy and tranquillity are the key properties conveyed by the beige hues of Basalt Cream, also inspired by volcanic rock. The intermediate hues of grey include Grey Earth, which, as the name suggests, "is born out of the merger of pietra serena with cement, to suit a variety of different styles in the kitchen".

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