The SapienStone kitchen top: the ideal surface for the home and restaurants

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Designed to create the best porcelain kitchen tops, SapienStone is the result of decades of experience by Iris Ceramica, a world leader in high-tech ceramic production. It is an innovative product that is extremely hard-wearing, creating customised kitchen tops and making all aspects of daily food preparation stress-free.

The SapienStone kitchen top: the ideal surface for the home and restaurants
Two aspects are important, above all, to making the best tops and cooking surfaces: one is purely aesthetic and the other is practical and functional, in order to optimise both preparing dishes and the time needed to clean and disinfect afterwards.
Choosing the best tops and work surfaces when designing a contemporary kitchen means making an important investment in an element that is used a great deal and will not be replaced for many years.
Decades of experience by the Iris Ceramica group has created a brand likeSapienStone, specially made to produce the best kitchen work surfaces on the market, perfectly meeting these two fundamental needs for contemporary home kitchens, as well as those for commercial and professional activities (bars and restaurants) 
The first aspect is to provide a kitchen top offering complete technical efficiency, created with a material that is not damaged by constant contact with high temperatures and light, nor by cutting tools, common acidic products (lemon and vinegar) and by chemical detergents for daily cleaning.
Porcelain by the Iris Ceramica Group, a world leader in the production of high-tech ceramic, offers the highest performance in terms of resistance, as it is a material "made up of ceramic clays and mineral colours that do not change over time", created with full respect for the environment.
Its hygienic and non-absorbent properties are such that the kitchen top can be in direct contact with food, without the need for chopping boards or other surfaces between the food and the work surface.
The aesthetic aspect is linked to the increasing request for customised kitchen spaces.
SapienStone meets this need with a range of colours and finishes that match the widest possible range of contemporary kitchen styles.
The various colours offered are created with "solid colour with through veins", in which the veining that characterises the surface is also visible in the thickness and corners of the top, creating a more realistic effect than other, similar products.
Kitchen spaces can also be customised with suggestions and measurements directly from the Iris Ceramica team of professionals, to highlight specific aspects and to make them as suitable as possible for every top, island and peninsula.
These technical and aesthetic factors make SapienStone a go-to product for designers. Porcelain, a widely-used material in contemporary design, is an innovative product Made in Italy (at plants and workshops in Castellarano) offering creative solutions that are the result of original and elegant colour combinations.

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