SapienStone: the future of the contemporary kitchen


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The SapienStone kitchen countertop, one of the materials featured at Milano Design Week, represents a new frontier in kitchen surfaces: non-absorbent, hygienic and scratch-proof thanks to the potential of selected Iris Ceramica Group porcelain.
SapienStone brings the future of the kitchen into the present

SapienStone: the future of the contemporary kitchen
The best kitchen countertops play a key role in the home, as the kitchen is a central space in which the family gathers every day. Of the many materials that can be used to make kitchen countertops, porcelain represents the best long-term solution, as demonstrated by its excellent performance on the kitchen countertop market in 2018.
The Iris Ceramica Group, a leading manufacturer of through-coloured high-tech ceramic, established the SapienStone brand specifically to make the best kitchen countertops available on the market. A combination of refined aesthetic qualities with cutting-edge performance - concreteness, strength and easy cleaning - make SapienStone a surprising, innovative product of customised design that responds to all the requirements of today’s kitchens.
So what features of SapienStone porcelain make it preferable to other materials for kitchen surfaces?
The answer lies in the advanced technical performance achieved by man-made stone and marble surfaces in the past two decades. From indoor and outdoor flooring to kitchen and bathroom countertops, porcelain does away with all the potential defects of natural materials, such as cracking, porosity, variations in colour and shaling.
Starting with careful selection of raw materials, the particular production process that gives rise to high-tech porcelain ensures advanced technical qualities such as physical and chemical resistance, non-absorbency and reduced thickness. All without giving up the morphological features typical of natural materials (including uniqueness, calibration and three-dimensionality, among others) and in a perfectly ecological process.
SapienStone is a very hygienic product which can come directly into contact with foodstuffs and is not affected by the presence of liquids because it is non-absorbent. It requires only minimal maintenance, as it is resistant to chemicals and acids commonly used in the kitchen (such as lemon and vinegar).
Salone del Mobile 2018 - space&interiors
SapienStone and the Iris Ceramica Group’s other leading brands (Iris Ceramica, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti, Ariostea) will be featured at the 57th Salone del Mobile International Furniture Show in Milan (Rho Fiera, 17-22 April 2018), in hall 22 - stand D33-D35. 
Visitors to the world’s most important international furniture and design show will be able to admire the Group’s top-quality porcelain surfaces for residential, commercial and industrial architecture. 
SapienStone will also be participating in one of the most important events at IDD - Innovation Design District - in The Mall at Porta Nuova, the space&interiors 2018 exhibition and event which once again this year, with Gruppo Federlegnoarredo’s MADE eventi organisation and the guidance of Stefano Boeri Architetti, takes the frontiers of Architecture and interior design to Mars, "the closest of the distant planets", during Milano Design Week (April 17-21 2018).
A selection of the best materials for interior design, products and finishes for architecture is presented in a multimedia context revolving around the idea of colonising the Red Planet. 
With its "natural inclination toward research and experimentation with innovative solutions", says Javier Guardiola, SapienStone just had to participate in an event where the design of spaces for living "anticipates the future and explores the unknown" in an innovative, visionary way.
With 18 textures and finishes interpreting precious marbles, cements and natural stones, SapienStone appears at space&interiors 2018 with a Malm Grey porcelain kitchen countertop made in partnership with the Spanish company TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona® featuring a built-in TPB tech® Malm Black induction cooker. 
Malm Grey is perfect for today’s kitchens, practical and versatile, as it can be used to "cook, eat and work" on the same surface.

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