SapienStone countertops bring beauty and harmony to the kitchen

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The colours of the earth, providing a natural neutral base, are only a few of the most popular SapienStone surfaces for kitchen countertops in 2020. Ideal for any kind of space, easily matched and easily cleaned, they represent the top of the range in Italian design and ceramic products today

SapienStone countertops bring beauty and harmony to the kitchen
What is the best material for covering kitchen surfaces?
For a series of practical, technical and aesthetic reasons, high-tech porcelain is the best solution for kitchen tables, islands, peninsulas and countertops.
These are surfaces requiring greater resistance than most home surfaces, as they are used several times a day and come into contact with materials that can scratch and stain them, as well as boiling hot pans and coffeepots.
What’s more, their high frequency of use requires daily cleaning with acidic and chemical agents, which also contribute to the potential deterioration of materials that are not particularly resistant.
And then there’s another important consideration: the kitchen is a part of the home that is redecorated infrequently, so it must remain beautiful and practical for as long as possible!
On the basis of these initial requirements, the best solution for kitchen countertops in 2020 continues to be porcelain, and we will now see why. 
High-tech porcelain is, first of all, the ceramic material on the market with the lowest coefficient of absorption of liquids (0.5% or less). 
Its compactness and robustness, a result of its very low porosity, make it extremely hard, very difficult to stain or chip. As a result of its composition and production, this resistance extends to very high and very low temperatures, which is why porcelain is also frequently used outdoors, where it is unaffected by frost.
In recent years, porcelain has given rise to a complete catalogue of different finishes and effects reproducing the textures of the original materials that inspire them, in many cases even improving on them.
On the basis of decades of experience that have made it a leader on the world ceramic market, the Iris Ceramica Group recently created the SapienStone brand, dedicated entirely to the production of top-of-the-range porcelain kitchen countertops.
SapienStone’s specialisation in kitchens has permitted extension of know-how and improvement of the appearance of ceramic products for the kitchen, and also for outdoor spaces, thanks to ongoing research and experimentation.
The result is a vast catalogue now viewed as a landmark for kitchen countertops, tables and tailor-made furnishings. The vast range of SapienStone surfaces, with natural, glossy, and semi-gloss finishes, is designed to go with a great variety of decorating styles, from the most modern to the most traditional.
Of the many available effects and colours, the photo gallery here presents Earth in four colours, Light, Brown, Sand and Grey. 
These neutral natural colours on a cement base go perfectly with any type of setting without dominating, and make a significant contribution in terms of light.
With a subtly textured surface, Light Earth is the result of a mix of light brown and grey sands. Profound, delicate Sand Earth and Brown Earth combine clays in different hues of light and dark chocolate brown, while Grey Earth combines pietra serena with cement to create a product that goes with all the colours of the kitchen.
SapienStone’s Light Earth countertop was recently chosen for the kitchen of a private home in Barcelona by design studio Clysa (Raquel García and Rogelio Martinazzo).
As the designers say, SapienStone products offer guaranteed quality and stand out in particular "because they have very good textures with a very natural appearance". 
In the case of the home in Barcelona, where the island countertop "really stands out visually", it was important to select an optimal material that would guarantee overall harmony and beauty.
The designers chose Light Earth countertop because its texture "gives the product the feel of timeless, elegant natural stone. Combined with wood and white cabinets, it allowed us to create a cosy, modern, brightly lit kitchen underlining the sensation of natural materials and large spaces".

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