Rialto FMG: high-tech ceramic coverings go back to the past

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Tradition meets creativity in FMG’s Rialto range, completing the company’s Venice Villa Venetian terrazzo flooring materials. 
This classic flooring material is now back with the top performance of high-tech ceramic, giving additional expressive power to a timeless material embodying the spirit of craftsmanship and decoration

Rialto FMG: high-tech ceramic coverings go back to the past
There are a lot of factors people who like to keep up with the latest home design trends must take into account when choosing the best floor and wall coverings for 2020.
First of all, the quality of the material, which must be capable of guaranteeing resistance and easy daily cleaning and maintenance
In new homes and in renovation and interior restyling projects, surfaces are one element that will not be changed again for many years, so the choice must be carefully thought-out, because it’s often the details that make all the difference.
Versatility, for example, is a very important factor in choosing coverings. 
It’s always preferable to choose a surface that can easily be matched with furnishings and accessories, which are changed more often than the surfaces in the home in response to changing fashions, personal tastes and family lifestyles.
Neutral colours and timeless shades such as white and black frequently offer the best solution in terms of both eclecticism and practicality.
Technical innovations in materials are another important factor: large sizes, patterns, finishes and customised graphics permit creation of a space that is personalised in response to the owners’ needs.
The material that best meets all these requirements of the design market is high-tech ceramic.
Its technical performance is demonstrated by all kinds of industry certifications, and its aesthetic value has achieved a truly amazing degree of expressiveness in recent years.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti is a landmark in the global ceramic industry.
The company’s many collections of marbles, granites, travertines and natural stones represent the top of the range, made using the exact same elements as are found in nature (specifically, pressure and fire) in innovative industrial processes reproducing their logic and dynamics.
FMG products offer a growing range of natural stones that can easily be adapted for a great variety of different applications, from major public works projects to retail enterprises, wellness spaces and living spaces of all kinds.
In its research into technology and aesthetics, FMG explores the world of classic surfaces and reinterprets them in a contemporary light for new uses reflecting a new sensibility.
This is the case of the Venice Villa collection, which revives the timeless attraction of Venetian terrazzo flooring to contribute all its prestige and expressive power in residential and commercial spaces alike.
Venetian terrazzo is a classic pebble floor that has been made for centuries, and its handcrafted beauty has made it popular with noble families, the church and modern architects alike.
The material may be found in patrician villas, wealthy homes, churches, and twentieth-century buildings and boulevards, where it still maintains all its original attraction and prestige.
With the chromatic effects of Venice Villa, FMG offers the look of crushed marble mosaic combined with the outstanding properties of porcelain, such as resistance, chromatic variety and gloss. 
The result is "a true play of colours capturing and reflecting light, with chips and inclusions that express the beauty of the material inspiring them”.
In view of the great popularity of Venice Villa, FMG has expanded its collection of Venetian terrazzo flooring materials with Rialto, the very name of which evokes the prestige and hospitality of the sumptuous noble palaces of the city of Venice.
The two variants, Venice Villa and Rialto, differ "in terms of the size of the chips that make the material so unique".
Rialto picks up on the great tradition of classic coverings with a colour palette of neutral hues - Ivory, Silver, Zinc, White, Beige, Graphite, Earth and Grey, with the addition of a selection of exclusive colours - Green, Pink, Coral, Yellow and Blue – bringing surfaces to life with bright, vibrant hues.
Rialto is available in the traditional sizes, from 120x60 to 20x20 cm, with the Levigato (polished) and Naturale (natural) finishes and the new Sabbiato (sandblasted) finish, which “brings the material to the surfaces, transferring a fine roughness and a pleasant texture to the sense of touch".

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