Reorganising surfaces with raised floors

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Granitech raised floors can bring new life and elegance to any space thanks to the great variety of porcelain tiles available. Quick and easy maintenance offers new prospects and solutions for flooring.

Reorganising surfaces with raised floors

Allowing for potential structural changes is a key aspect of any architectural project.
The many possibilities include application of raised flooring, one of the most innovative and functional methods for building maintenance and finishing.
In the long term, there is a very good chance that offices, technical premises and other spaces with a high concentration of technical installations will require a utility space to facilitate passage of connections and wiring.

The raised (or floating) floor is a flooring system consisting of panels supported by a substructure of columns and crosspieces.
Date transmission, electricity, computing and telephone lines can be installed quickly and easily in the utility space thus created, offering a whole series of obvious benefits in terms of organisation of space and personal logistical requirements.
With floating floors, the masonry structure and decking can be left intact while drastically reducing maintenance times and costs by doing away with lengthy, invasive work.
Assembly is entirely “dry” and does not involve use of adhesive.
The flexibility and speed of installation of raised flooring is also an advantage for future maintenance: work may be done under a single panel, without interfering with the rest of the floor. In outdoor spaces too, where moisture often accumulates in certain areas, raising flooring offers an easy solution for application over pipes, sheaths and grids.

Granitech offers a series of panels which go beyond the standard 60x60 cm size: a number of different measurements are available (60x40, 120x60, 75x75) as well as customisation of the entire panel system drawing on a great variety of sizes and colours.
The numerous Granitech finishes, which can be used in combination, include pre-polished, polished, bright-polished, semi-glossy, matt, textured and flamed porcelain tiles.
The typical properties of porcelain make it possible to redesign and adjust surfaces in aesthetic terms too, improving wellbeing and making it easy to move around and enjoy the freedom of open spaces.


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