Renewing outdoor pavements: Porcelaingres outdoor solutions

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Outdoor design offers a great opportunity to renew the look of the home and above all to cut out a space for improving quality of life and of family and social relationships. Starting with outdoor pavements: Porcelaingres solutions offer resistance and inalterability with the refined look of the best natural stones

Renewing outdoor pavements: Porcelaingres outdoor solutions
None of us will ever forget the Spring of 2020: the season when we looked out at the world through the windows of our homes and the social networks on our screens.
The lost Spring, the Spring without human relationships or direct contact with other people: social components of life that make an essential contribution to the quality of our time and life experiences.
In the meantime, of course, nature carried on its way, filling our gardens with the usual Spring explosion of colours and fragrances.
Everyone who has the luck of having a green space of their own to take care of, or in which to sit and relax, truly appreciated its importance at this time, while the restrictions of isolation were amplified for those who have no such outdoor space of their own.
The outdoors and green spaces have often been the focus of debate in design and architecture in recent years.
The lockdown has, in one way or another, made us all aware of the importance of outdoor spaces in our daily lives, for relaxation, psychological and physical well-being and relationships with others.
If we consider outdoor space not just a pleasant extension of the home but an essential place for family and community living, the months to come will give us plenty of opportunities to reconsider its organisation. 
Renewing and improving outdoor space can be very simple, starting with various outdoor surfaces such as walkways, paths, terraces, driveways and swimming pool areas.
The intended use determines the choice of the best outdoor flooring materials, but porcelain undoubtedly represents the key solution for solving the principal problems outdoor flooring can be subject to. This performance also makes porcelain ideal for furnishing accessories such as outdoor tables and worktops, in addition to ventilated façade systems providing insulation and saving energy. 
The principal qualities of beautiful high-tech porcelain are absolute, and certified as such, including its resistance to temperature excursions, loads and frequent tread, its inalterability and its non-slip properties, as revealed by the vast catalogue of surfaces produced by leading ceramic manufacturer Porcelaingres.
Drawing on the expertise of the Iris Ceramica Group, Porcelaingres is a brand with vast international experience, producing a wide range of products combining the quality of German manufacture with the creativity and craftsmanship typical of Italian design.
The solidity of stone meets the refinement of marble in Porcelaingres’s Royal Stone collection, admirably conveying the mood of the best contemporary designs balancing classic surface coverings with cutting-edge design.
In a range of 5 neutral hues (Brown, Grey and Beige between the extremes of Black and White), Royal Stone ceramic slabs appear strong yet delicate thanks to a look recalling "the simplicity of stone variegated by the subtle veins and clouding typical of marble".
The result represents the ideal solution for a great variety of indoor and outdoor styles, from minimalist to rustic, adding dynamism and character to atmospheres of all kinds.
Quartz_Stone (link) is a refined solution underlining the strength of compact rock, characterised by natural mineral substances moulded by time.
The look of Quartz_Stone enhances the chromatic variants of stone for a clean, delicate, sober design in which it is natural "to walk and to live our daily lives on intense surfaces capable of conveying positive sensations, delicate and harmonious textures". 
The surfaces in the Quartz_Stone collection represent nature’s tenacity with the added prestige of exclusive sparkling inserts.
The particular appearance of Quartz_Stone makes a subtle addition to outdoor spaces, underlining refined atmospheres and intimate convivial occasions.

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