Raised floors for improving public places and offices

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Granitech raised floors offer numerous benefits for surfaces in offices, public spaces and outdoor areas: from wellness in the home to preventive action for reducing future maintenance, saving time, resources and materials

Raised floors for improving public places and offices

Raised floors or floating floors stand out as one of today’s most innovative, beneficial construction solutions. The benefits of application of raised floors include prevention of the need for maintenance work in the future, from marginal tasks to major structural changes in buildings. 
This type of work must be considered necessary in the long term, especially in continually changing spaces such as offices, shops and showrooms where surfaces are exposed to non-stop stress, including mechanical stress.
For this reason, the preventive action of raised floors (also referred to as floating floors, because they are mounted “in suspension” over a gap of a few millimetres) is particularly necessary in many working environments, public spaces and homes.

Granitech leads the way in the design and application of both floating floors and ventilated façades made with porcelain tiles. Mounted dry, without adhesive, raised floors conceal a technical compartment permitting thermal separation of the floor slab from the floor people walk on, creating the space necessary for the passage of materials.
To get an idea of the multitude of possibilities for application of raised floors, we may take a look at the many projects Granitech has implemented over the years: banks, city halls, offices, agencies and institutions, dealerships and trade fair stands.
These are high traffic public places where any kind of maintenance work can result in great inconvenience in organisational and logistical terms (prolonged work, expense, disposal of existing materials). 
By permitting work on individual porcelain tiles, practical raised floors make it easy to perform ordinary maintenance work such as installation of wiring and implementation or replacement of electrical, telephone or computer connections.
All without any interference with the adjacent porcelain panels, saving a considerable amount of time and money, with a definite benefit for the company and its customers and visitors.

Raised floors also have creative benefits, permitting redesign and reorganisation of spaces in response to practical needs, leaving room for improved internal logistics (such as addition of new workstations or modification of existing ones), changes in the furniture, or optimisation of spaces and details.
It is also important to consider the many benefits of raised floors for outdoor applications; floating floors are one of the most practical and least invasive solutions whenever we are faced with a change in the structure or morphology of the soil, or need to work on balconies, terraces and roofs that are also floors for pedestrians.


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