Quality and beauty of porcelain tile floors

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The beauty of nature and products of high technical quality: the most sought-after properties in surfaces today may be found in Eiffelgres porcelain floor and wall tiles for indoor and outdoor use, preserving and amplifying the most evident qualities of natural stone.

Quality and beauty of porcelain tile floors

A material with unmatched expressive power and strength, natural stone offers all the dimensions and fascination we could want for our surfaces in contemporary living.
This is why production of Eiffelgres? technical porcelain tiles starts with the basic selection of earths and mixing of minerals.

In response to the personal requirements of design and the perspectives of modern bioarchitecture, aesthetic aspects such as light effects, enhancement of veins and possible combinations of various colours combine with the strength of stone, its acknowledged ability to withstand the effects of time, and its great ease of use and maintenance.
In projects combining multiple collections in the home, the aesthetic properties of porcelain stand out even more strongly.

The Argent and Pietra di Brera collections create environments marked by visual continuity between modules and the softness of light falling on porcelain floor and wall surfaces; the design concept, based on comfort and well-being of the senses, remains the same in the different levels and rooms in the home.

The image we seek to create in the home must not only respond to our everyday practical needs, but express the sensations we wish to convey and with which we would like to be surrounded: natural stone is the perfect response to today?s need for security and cosiness, timeless basic needs in the home.