Porcelain floor and wall tiles for bars and restaurants

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Perfect for cafés and restaurants, Pietralavica and Lastranera porcelain tiles help create settings and solutions of great charm and elegance, underlining every element of the interior and creating attractive lighting effects

Porcelain floor and wall tiles for bars and restaurants Eiffelgres porcelain floor and wall tiles for cafés and restaurants Eiffelgres porcelain floor and wall tiles for cafés and restaurants

In restaurants, bars, lounges and cafés, porcelain tiles offer a series of benefits for interior flooring and permit creation of an optimal atmosphere for enjoying a drink or a meal in company. In the past few years exponential growth in the number of television programmes and web sites about cooking has focused a lot of attention on the restaurant environment. Creating the particular atmosphere required in settings such as these has become a primary task of architectural design, and porcelain floor and wall tiles help to create this atmosphere and make it unique and attractive. The many properties of porcelain include light-fastness and long-term inalterability, features which ensure that man-made stone tiles preserve their aesthetic properties even in the presence of stress, frequent washing and contact with chemical agents.

In its vast production of high-tech porcelain, Eiffelgres has covered the surfaces in a number of cafés and restaurants, all places for socialisation, intimacy and public relations: places where the sensorial experience counts a lot more than the individual details, settings for the collective rites of social living.
On the basis of these factors, the porcelain tiles Eiffelgres uses to cover surfaces in restaurants are Pietralavica, Pearlgrey and Brown versions, and Lastranera, used to cover the floors and walls of 201 Forest Avenue at St. Hilaire de Riez (France); in Acquarium restaurant in Brunico and Pepe Nero in Barletta; and in Flora bar in Turin. Both Pietralavica, a synthesis and sublime interpretation of the material inspiring it (presented in 5 colours and countless different sizes as well as strips and decorative pieces), and Lastranera, a perfect reproduction of natural slate, feature contemporary design and style to give spaces an attractive, elegant, carefree atmosphere appropriate for places where people get together to enjoy a meal.

Porcelain tiles from the E-Stone (Lastranera) and E-Style (Pietralavica) collections allow the interior associated with the floor and wall tiles to vary with a series of attractive creative solutions, including geometric and decorative shapes on ceilings, columns and skylights; arrangements of tables and chairs that appear to increase the amount of space available; and delicate colour contrasts in furnishing accessories.
But it is above all the lighting, a key element in interior design, that can be underlined by porcelain floor tiles, even if using dark Lastranera: skilful use of light (direct, indirect, reflected) can easily create angles and intimate, reserved areas in shadow, perfect for a candlelit dinner.