Porcelain floor and wall coverings summing up the familiar atmospheres of everyday life

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Porcelaingres’s Urban and Great Metals porcelain tile collections sum up the atmospheres linked with the elements of the city and everyday life, offering a source of inspiration for the design of floor and wall coverings and furnishing accessories

Porcelain floor and wall coverings summing up the familiar atmospheres of everyday life

“The starting point is the tension toward beauty, toward art, so that surprise, amazement and the unexpected become part of the work of architecture": this is how Oscar Niemeyer described the architect's creative genesis in his work.

A personal, analytic interior path, in which images and sensations, harmonies and contrasts flow together.
Continuous reflection that will be gradually transformed in the course of the project, taking on the tangible dimension of the forms and colours of materials.

Being capable of translating this "world" of sensations into a material plan and put it at the disposal of architects and designers is one of the great goals of contemporary product design.

In the world of surfaces, which play an increasingly important role in architectural projects these days, Porcelaingres has come up with a series of collections of porcelain tiles that respond to the "tension toward beauty".

"We live surrounded by ideas": the Urban collection includes 12 porcelain tiles in standard and special sizes (from 2 to 8 mm thick) covering the complete colour palette, from slate to white.  Urban is the perfect aesthetic reference for residential, public and commercial spaces requiring metropolitan hues, characterised by "horizons of glass and steel, the character of concrete and the dynamism of city living".

References to glass, iron and concrete are an echo of the elements on which the foundations of our cities rest, and above all of their everyday life. 

In a clear way free of stylistic artifices, Urban high-tech porcelain tiles sum up a reassuring aesthetic based on the sensation of stability, for cosy, familiar atmospheres.

Great Metals and Just Great tiles, represent the new generation of big tiles from Porcelaingres, larger than the standard sizes, ranging from 300 x 150 cm to 75 x 37.5 cm and only 6 mm thick.

Inspired by the "aesthetic power of industrial metallurgy", they come in 4 sophisticated chromatic effects, ranging from corten steel (Oxidum) to minimalism (Steel), from radiance (White Iron) to refinement (Zinc Titanium).

Designed as floor and wall coverings, Great Metals porcelain tiles can also be used as furnishing accessories, for room dividers or cookers and become elegant items of décor.

The range is completed with the Raw (natural) and Sleek (polished) finishes.

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