Pietra del Brenta FMG: tradition and design for in- and outdoor coverings

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Pietra del Brenta covers indoor and outdoor floors with its classic yet contemporary design, adding to the charm of the typical atmospheres of the many FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti collections inspired by natural stone. An apparently simple porcelain tile with a bold character, underlined with elegant plain and cobbled finishes

Pietra del Brenta FMG: tradition and design for in- and outdoor coverings
The charm of classic floor coverings and contemporary design emerge out of natural stone, one of the best materials for homes and public buildings.
The apparent simplicity of stone has always been synonymous with strength and stability: two ideal ways of defining the atmospheres of residential spaces and home exteriors.
In view of this unique combination of technical performance and aesthetic variety, stone is now the focus of design for numerous makers of porcelain materials
For more than twenty years, developments in the design of its image have contributed to the process of adding aesthetic value to high-tech ceramics, with continuous improvement of both performance and appearance.
In its vast production of porcelain tiles, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti dedicates numerous collections to natural stone. Using manufacturing processes protected by international patents, FMG combines clays, sands and minerals, replicating and accelerating the same natural processes of pressure and heat as take place with tectonic movement and heat in the surface layers of the earth’s crust.
Starting with materials of superior quality, FMG reproduces the ultra-high compacting pressure (480 kg/cm2) with a much higher firing temperature than that of volcanoes (1300 °C and more, as compared to 1100 °C). The result is an ecological material in which sands, clays and minerals are recovered without damaging the environment, applying conscientious choices and rigorous principles of corporate conduct. These criteria of ecological responsibility have always been associated with FMG, ever since the company was established, earning the company quality certification (ISO 9001), environmental certification (ISO 14001) and certification of conformity with European EMAS regulations for Quality and Environment.
FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s natural stone is a product that is born out of nature and becomes an element of design for residential and commercial spaces, both in- and outdoors.

FMG’s vast range includes Pietra del Brenta, a clear example of an original contemporary covering material with roots in nature and in the tradition of classic surface coverings.
"Every setting expresses its soul, every project is dressed in nature". And so Pietra del Brenta seems to draw on the principles of Feng Shui (wind and water), the ancient Chinese art of balancing and positively choosing the places we inhabit in order to achieve happiness and psychological well-being. This ancient doctrine has always determined the design of the monuments, homes and temples of the Orient, and is traceable to sources of natural energy in the sites themselves.
Pietra del Brenta is available in seven neutral hues (White, Black, Pearl, Beige, Brown, Grey, Dove Grey) in three sizes, with an elegant linear effect and a cobbled effect called “Sasso”.
All the spaces in the home, from the kitchen to the living room, can be characterised with the timeless elegance of Pietra del Brenta in neutral hues that are perfect for combining with furnishings and objects in a great variety of styles.
Wellness areas (pools, spas, wellness centres) also provide the perfect setting for a material that goes perfectly with natural elements such as water, light and vegetation.
Its best aesthetic qualities include versatility. Pietra del Brenta represents a cross-cutting product that always makes the most of its expressive qualities, including neutral colours, no matter what its location and the style of the furnishings.

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