New spaces in the home featuring Ariostea’s wood-effect porcelain

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The traditional feel of wood meets the innovation of today’s technologies: Ariostea covers floors and walls with the power and the surprising look of latest generation high-tech ceramics

New spaces in the home featuring Ariostea’s wood-effect porcelain
The appearance of ceramic materials has achieved unprecedented standards of quality in recent years thanks to application of technical innovation to porcelain surfaces. 
This commonly used material is capable of reproducing the textures of the most important covering materials, such as stones, marbles, metals, fabrics and woods, combining them with all the benefits of high-tech ceramics.
Porcelain wall and floor coverings offer superior performance to the materials they reproduce, standing out for their impermeability and resistance to deep scratching, heat, shocks and chemicals.
In addition to these aspects guaranteeing long-term stability, they offer great versatility, an increasingly sought-after and important advantage which can be obtained with a multitude of different sizes and finishes as well as combinations with the special pieces and decorative pieces accompanying the collections.
All these factors permit greater creative freedom and considerable customisation of all modern spaces, particularly residential spaces, where porcelain may be used in any room, from the living room to the bathroom, the kitchen and the outdoor pavement.
Ariostea’s porcelain wood-effect tile collections represent a tangible example of the great variety of solutions available to architects and designers today.
In this gallery we take a look at the Innovative Slabs Legni High Tech and Wood Raw collections.
Based on the idea of reusing "forms and materials, migrating them to a new life", Innovative Slabs high-tech woods are 150 cm strips that look like vintage oak, available in Quercia Bianca, Canadese, Petraea, Shabby and Tropicale versions.
Truly approaching technical perfection, the oxidation and vibration of wood is reproduced on the tactile as well as the visual level to reproduce the effect created in nature over decades of exposure to the action of wind and sunshine.
Wood Raw represents wood in its most simple, unfinished, natural form, once again available in 5 versions: Artic, Ash, Board, Powder and Rust. 
Wood Raw’s expressiveness appears at its best in covering, furnishing and design solutions with an emphasis on the warmth and cosiness of the home, particularly recommended for interiors in shabby chic style or with vintage furnishings.

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