New Maximum marbles: versatile spaces and custom-designed furnishings

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Inspired by historic marbles used in architecture since antiquity, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ new Maximum 2021 collections offer a contemporary reinterpretation of one of the world’s best-loved covering materials. The neutral colour palette of Ethereal Travertine, Finest Estremoz and Marbre de Savoie and the dark colours of Deep Emperador are the natural complement to numerous interior design styles.
Large size and reduced thickness ensure flexibility and ease of installation, with a vast range of customised applications ranging from kitchen countertops to washbasins, from shelves and chairs to sliding doors and partition walls

New Maximum marbles: versatile spaces and custom-designed furnishings
The timeless look of marble still preserves all its fascination and becomes particularly easy to apply thanks to the potential of ceramic maxi-slabs.
High-tech porcelain finds an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the world’s countless varieties of marble, quarried in different parts of the world and varying in composition, colours, veining and details.
In geological terms, different colours of marble are the result of shifts and impurities in various minerals during the process of metamorphosis to which these rocks, composed primarily of calcium carbonate, are subjected under the action of heat and pressure.

But over the centuries, these differences in colour have become one of marble’s strong points, particularly for use as a covering surface. While white marble, the only variety not containing mineral impurities, still sets the standard, architecture has begun to appreciate this unique, original colour palette.
Particular aesthetic features not only identify the place of origin of individual slabs of stone, but suggest a great variety of uses responding to the demands of today’s architecture and interior design projects.
While typical of the classical tradition, marble has rapidly become a material of central importance in contemporary surface coverings too, thanks to its flexibility and potential for customisation.
The innovation introduced by ceramic maxi-slabs allows today’s high-tech porcelain to reproduce all varieties of marble, from the most traditional to the rarest and most exotic.
An excellent example is offered by the marble catalogue of the Maximum line by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, designed to cover surfaces of all kinds with light weight, easy installation and reduced maintenance.
Maximum is the product of meticulous advanced research combining in a single product the technological performance of porcelain (strength, unalterability, durability) with aesthetic qualities, creating a unique material available in slabs of impressive size.
Beginning with carefully chosen raw materials, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces creates high-tech ceramic slabs measuring 300x150x6 mm and weighing only 14 kg per square metre.
In addition to their characteristic use as floor and wall coverings, Maximum slabs can also be used to make furniture, offering the ideal material for customisation of elements such as tabletops, sink countertops and shower trays, shelving units, cabinets, sliding doors, ceilings, backdrops and partitions or back-lit walls.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ new Maximum collections are inspired by historic marbles and stones with a contemporary twist, permitting maximum versatility and customisation.
Finest Estremoz is inspired by the marble extracted in the quarries of the same name in Portugal. Already well-known in the age of the Emperor Augustus (the bases and Corinthian capitals of the Roman temple in Evora, for example, are made of Estremoz marble), this refined surface features a cream-coloured background with delicate hues of greyish-white and subtle hints of pale pink. 
Finest Estremoz fits very naturally into a great variety of modern interiors, maintaining all its elegance and brilliance without dominating the architectural whole. 
The Finest Estremoz line is available in the 300x150, 150x150, 150x75, 75x75 and 75x37.5 cm sizes, offering a great variety of solutions serving architects’ and designers’ creativity.

Marbre de Savoie shares Finest Estremoz’s heritage dating back to classical antiquity, for the collection "stems from the place where, in Roman times by order of Emperor Augustus, marble was extracted to construct the consular road connecting the Po valley to Gaul".
Its background colour is a unique shade of grey, embellished with an original web of white and pale grey veining incorporating darker, almost bluish hues. 
Marbre de Savoie is available in the bright and honed finishes to response to specific aesthetic and applicative requirements.

Ethereal Travertino is a contemporary interpretation of classic sedimentary rock, another ancient material that has been used in all styles of architecture over the ages.
Unlike classic travertine, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’ Ethereal Travertino features more subtle veining alternating with the delicate clouding woven into its surface, in hues ranging from pale ivory to milk white.
Like the other materials we have described, Ethereal Travertino is a surface of timeless elegance capable of adding warmth and radiance to any space.
"Inspired by one of the stones traditionally used in colonial buildings throughout the Iberian Peninsula,", Deep Emperador pays tribute to one of Spain’s best-known marbles. 
Its qualities include a splendid dark brown background with warm hazelnut veining, gold undertones and iridescent reflections: highly evocative properties that make it a high-impact surface with a bold personality.

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