Nature and technology appear on Geologica porcelain stoneware surfaces


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Exploring the colours and potential of surfaces of all kinds, for both residential projects and the contract industry: this is the inspiration behind GranitiFiandre’s Geologica collection. Inspired by the most natural elements (earth, rock, wood), the Core Shade, Easy and Essenze Rare collections offer the ideal surfaces for all kinds of contemporary spaces.

Nature and technology appear on Geologica porcelain stoneware surfaces

Nature offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration for architects and for everyone who loves design. When creating spaces in the home, we often choose colours and forms recalling basic elements present in nature, such as earth, natural stone, rock and wood. These archetypes have an innate ability to call up images of stability, harmony, protection and hospitality: some of the most important "qualities of the home" that we seek to convey to our families and guests.

GranitiFiandre designed the Geologica collection of porcelain stoneware tiles using nature and natural stone as aesthetic and material references. As their name reveals, Geologica tiles offer in a single product all the properties of the natural elements with the cutting-edge technology of porcelain stoneware, the principal material used in floor and wall tiles. Composed of numerous collections (Fahrenheit, Marble Lab, Easy, Core Shade, Quarziti Extreme, Essenze Rare Extreme, New Stone, New Granite, New Ground, New Co.De, Datauni and Tinte Unite), the Geologica collection stands out from other porcelain stoneware tiles for its exploration of colour and fascinating veins, covering a range of styles guaranteeing "optimal performance in residential and contract projects as well as shopping centres". In the gallery we highlight three lines of Geologica floor and wall tiles: Easy, Core Shade and Essenze Rare Extreme.

Core Shade is an "integrated system" of porcelain stoneware tiles offering a great variety of colours, sizes, finishes and thicknesses which can be mixed and matched. The Core Shade line, in the colours Plain, Fawn, Snug, Cloudy, Ashy and Sharp, stands out for its simplicity and versatility, making it the perfect surface for all kinds of styles and applications. This line is available with two different finishes: semi-gloss (available in the sizes 150x75 and 75x75) and textured (available in the standard sizes 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30), featuring a "striped motif that adds tactile and visual depth and creates a non-slip surface". Another compact, versatile collection is Easy: available in four basic hues (Light Grey, Brown, Dark Grey, Black), it is perfect for both contemporary and traditional spaces, creating a sensorial synthesis that makes it particularly suitable for floors and walls in minimalist style. In the Essenze Rare collection, the combination of the product’s aesthetic nature and technology is even more evident. In this warm, attractive line of porcelain stoneware tiles that look like wood, available in 6 varieties (Larice Bianco, Cabreuva Dorata, Ciliegio, Mogano, Ulivo and Rovere Nero), the Essenze Rare collection is perfect for walls and floors in spaces of all kinds, from large open spaces to little corners in the home, conveying all the sensations of intimacy and warmth associated with wood.

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