Megamicro: the innovation of big floor tiles

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The big floor and wall tiles in Eiffelgress’s Megamicro collection reproduce the aesthetic qualities of natural stone in an eco-sustainable product suitable for contemporary interiors of all kinds.

Megamicro: the innovation of big floor tiles

Megamicro is Eiffelgres’s di collection of large ceramic tiles: a practical, innovative solution for all contemporary living spaces.
The strong point of these large floor tiles is the unusual combination of “mega” size (3x1.5m) with “micro” thickness (6mm). Like all Eiffelgres porcelain tiles, Megamicro is the product of an eco-sustainable process capable of reproducing natural stone and guaranteeing “the most natural look” with all the advantages of the performance of porcelain (harness, strength, impermeability).

Resting on such strong technical foundations, the creative thought behind Eiffelgres’s big tiles is oriented towards aesthetic and stylistic factors. Surfaces underline the aesthetic properties of natural stone, particularly the colours reflected in the light.
Eiffelgres takes light (“the factor underlying all presences, the starting point for any design”) as a design reference: following its motions from different angles, from direct to tangential, exploring the associated shadows, the “intention” behind the choice of material is fully expressed.

The Megamicro collection of floor and wall tiles includes: MM_Folios, MM_Timber and the brand new MM_Cor-ten. 
MM_Folios, recently on exhibit at Moscow’s Expocentre during the big international architecture and interior design show Mosbuild, comes in 9 different colours (from Arazzo White to Flowers Black).
MM_Timber is a collection of porcelain tiles that look like wood, available in 5 variants.
MM_Cor-ten is inspired by the steel of the same name, with a warm burnished texture.

Made of solid porcelain, all the tiles in the collection permit light, flexible use in a wide variety of different spaces (from the living room to retail spaces, offices and pedestrian traffic routes). With minimal gaps between tiles, floors and walls have an even look and an outstanding effect of visual continuity.

Link: www.eiffelgres.com - Porcelain Stoneware Tile Floor and Wall Tiles


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