Maxfine roads: porcelain stoneware large tiles for indoor and outdoor spaces

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Maxfine large tiles by FMG go well beyond the boundaries of the surfaces created for architecture and interiors. Indeed, Maxfine porcelain stoneware allows to customise the spaces and allows the designers to be even more creative, providing them with an extremely thin and versatile material that fits all styles. It is the case of Maxfine Roads, a collection comprising classic colours that are perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces

Maxfine roads: porcelain stoneware large tiles for indoor and outdoor spaces
In the past few years, porcelain stoneware has become the material of reference for residential, public and commercial projects. 
Thanks to its variety, porcelain stoneware can provide contemporary surfaces with material effects, proposing the very same elements available in nature and following the same production processes occurring in nature.
The result of said processes is a ceramic product with unique performance, both as regards the structural characteristics of the tile, and as regards its thermal and hygrometric characteristics (i.e. characteristics related to temperature and humidity).
As compared to other ceramic products, porcelain stoneware has completely different characteristics, thanks to its extremely low water absorption coefficient that guarantees an extreme level of resistance and makes it particularly indicated also for outdoor spaces.
The qualities of porcelain stoneware are well known and appreciated all over the world. The attention of clients and designers, however, is mostly drawn by its aesthetic properties that, in the past few years, have reached an unmatchable level with the stone, wood, cement and marble effects.
Since 1998, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti has been the leading brand of Iris Ceramica Group. Its offer includes the Maxfine maxi slabs, big size tiles (up to 320x160 cm) with a thin thickness (0.6 cm) that can be used for flooring, covering and customised design furniture.
This innovative product is manufactured naturally, i.e. following manufacturing processes that reproduce the natural processes through pressure, fire and extremely high temperatures.
Besides being natural, the FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti technological process is also ecocompatible "because sands, clays and other minerals are quarried without damaging the environment, using sensitive, strictly enforced procedures and know-hows”, as proved by its many certifications and international patents.
Maxfine Roads offers 6 colours and 4 different surfaces inspired by earths and cements (White Purity, Sand Hearth, Pearl Mind, Grey Calm, Coffee Truth and Dark Depth) with a strong material effect. They are perfect for any style, from the most elegant to the contemporary and minimalist styles.
In the Roads collection, available in the classical formats (60x60 cm, as well as multiples and sub-multiples), porcelain stoneware tiles are available in classic colours. This makes them perfect for residential, wellness and hospitality projects.
Design application
The extreme versatility of the maxi slabs is also a quality that can be employed in design applications and to customise the indoor and outdoor spaces of a house. 
This is possible thanks to the fact that these tiles are easy to cut, and therefore allow to obtain tiles of the most different shapes and formats, thus expanding the choices made available to architects and interior designers.
Along with their application for flooring and covering, Maxfine Roads maxi slabs can also be used for kitchen and bathroom tops: indeed, porcelain stoneware is known for being durable, water-proof and resistant to chemicals. These are the main characteristics required from materials that are installed in rooms where they may enter in contact with water and moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens.
Maxfine products can also be used as doors: since they are thin but resistant, the maxi slabs are "perfect to cover even flush-fit doors in refined and prestigious venues, offering a continuous effect with the surrounding surfaces”.
Maxfine products can also be used outdoors, for tables and garden surfaces: since they are resistant and compact, Maxfine porcelain stoneware withstands moisture, stains, scaling and scratches and ensures that its beauty remains unaltered in time.

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