Marble Lab: GranitiFiandre’s most refined marble-effect floor and wall coverings

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GranitiFiandre’s Marble Lab marble-effect porcelain floors carry on the ancient tradition of classic flooring materials, bringing it up to date with new meanings and new references to the moods of contemporary design

Marble Lab: GranitiFiandre’s most refined marble-effect floor and wall coverings
The best floor and wall coverings for the home are the result of careful selection of raw materials: a very important step representing the starting point in a conceptual transformation as long as the entire process of production and sale, the very process in which creation of a "simple" tile is increasingly enriched with stories and images, with graphic and photographic changes. Of course, all this happens in the showroom and online, amplifying the symbolism of the tile and giving it new meaning, so that the final result, installed in a physical place, is also the end point of a long process that takes place over a given period of time. 
According to visual marketing theory, the storytelling relationship between a product and the consumer is direct and decisive, connecting the initial function of a surface covering with a segment of the market. But in actual fact, the same discipline demonstrates that all this is much more complicated, in that it produces an on-going exchange and interaction between the image and the person. According to these principles, we have on one hand the object, indissolubly linked with its image and with the atmosphere of the space in which the covering material is installed (from the physical space of a showroom to the printed space of a catalogue or the indefinite and timeless space of web imagery), while on the other hand we have the person, with his or her cultural background and wishes, personal emotions and needs.

All these principles also apply to marble floor and wall coverings, in which design dialogue focuses on the search for compositional balance and formal harmony, coming out of the perfection of classical art, an intrinsic part of our culture. In the end, this is the fundamental aspect of design with which Granitifiandre addresses the challenges of designing marble effect porcelain floor and wall coverings, taking into account that marble "brings to mind the light drapery and curved forms of classical sculpture, underlining its beauty and completeness with the subtle veins and delicate strength of marble stone".
In this innovative spirit GranitiFiandre creates an original, modern product with classical roots, evoking and recalling our acknowledged iconographic heritage. 
A story told “between the image and the person” and gradually changed, starting with the selection of materials and continuing with the choice of furnishings and how they are changed over time, and with the changing effects of light and shadow on the surfaces we perceive at different times in a single day.
Among GranitiFiandre’s many floor and wall coverings, used in more than 110 countries, the Marble Lab collection stands out for its prestige and expressiveness. 
The collection includes ten selected ultra-pure hues (Taxos, Calacatta Statuario, Premium White, Bianco Striato, Quarzo Greige, Calacatta Elite, Noble Ecrù, Glam Bronze, Pietra Grey, Nero Portoro), chosen among the most refined marbles for a polychromatic selection characterised by subtle veins in some cases, and intense warm hues in others.
The colour range includes all the variations from light to dark, from Taxos to Nero Portoro. Intermediate hues include Calacatta Elite, in which grey and creamy yellow veins run through an ivory to white surface to create an imposing, solemn effect. While Quarzo Greige is a diaphanous material of attractive brightness, revealing crystals joined and consolidated by the action of time; and the bronze colour of Noble Ecru and Glam Bronze, bold yet smooth at the same time, with its elegant black and white veins and stripes, "like the folds in a precious fabric ". Lastly, Pietra Grey is a classic grey marble with the precious added touch of original crystalline white veins, indelible signs of time running through the dark stone; in this case, what emerges is a dramatic, decorative spirit, the ideal meeting point between classic and contemporary design.

Marco Privato