Marble FMG: the utmost technical and aesthetic quality in porcelain

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FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti makes marble-effect porcelain floors for residential and commercial spaces of all kinds, expressing unrivalled technical and aesthetic quality which places it at the top of the ceramics sector in Italy. The company’s many collections include hues of Marble with a classic yet contemporary look

Marble FMG: the utmost technical and aesthetic quality in porcelain
Marble-effect porcelain stands out among contemporary ceramic tiles for its technical qualities associated with a timeless look suitable for applications of all kinds.
Marble has always covered historic villas and palaces with charm and elegance. 
Where it is used in urban design, marble underlines the natural radiance of surfaces, both indoors and out. 
What’s more, marble reveals all its versatility when associated with fixtures in different styles for commercial premises and wellness areas, particularly in hotels and spas. 
These features have always made it a unique cladding material.
The innate sense of power and stability, the minimalism suggested by the delicate lines of its surface, and the luxurious look and sheen of marble-look porcelain make it a top product among today’s Italian high-tech ceramics.
Why is porcelain preferable to other ceramic products available on the market today?
The answer lies in the quality of porcelain tiles, which meet the highest standards of suitability and practicality. No other product has such a low level of water absorption (averaging less than 0.5%), making porcelain tiles truly non-absorbent. Not only this, but their impermeability put porcelain tiles at the top of the ranking when it comes to two other assessment parameters, resistance to bending and ultimate tensile strength (the latter partly due to porcelain’s thickness of only a few millimetres).
The non-absorbency of porcelain tiles improves their structural compactness, offering maximum resistance to abrasion, scratching and deterioration due to tread and mechanical stress.
Another positive result of low absorbency is frost resistance, as it is impossible for water to penetrate the tiles and dilate their pores.
With twenty years of experience in the world of high-tech ceramics and production of natural stones, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti pursues the mission of the IRIS Ceramic Group, of which it is one of the top brands, covering prestigious international projects with the unique properties of Italian-made high-tech ceramics.
FMG was, for example, “the first to make maxi-slabs measuring 3 metres x 1.5 metres wide, dimensions permitting use of the material for a great variety of different purposes, from floors to wall coverings and tabletops”.
As we have seen, collections inspired by marble stand out among the many FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti collections for their beauty, variety of hue and versatility.
Marble is a collection of unrivalled refinement and expressiveness, in which cladding becomes a key factor in design.
Available in six colours (Bianco Perla, Cendre Grey, Alanya Black, Gris Savoie, Pulpis Bronze, Cremo Supremo), five traditional sizes (4 rectangular and the classic 60x60 cm square) and three finishes (pre-polished, pre-honed, flamed), Marble adds prestige to any space in the home, from the living room to the kitchen and bathroom, as may be seen in the photos in the gallery.
With subtle veins crossing their surface, marble-effect tiles add prestige to spaces, both overall and in the details, giving the rooms they cover a timeless classic yet modern identity.

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