Living spaces: home decorating ideas for floors and walls

Porcelain Tile,

Iris Ceramica,

Iris Ceramica porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles perfectly represent the variables at stake in our attempts to achieve comfort in everyday living. Living spaces receive and reflect our own personal identity and the multitude of sensations we experience over time.

Living spaces: home decorating ideas for floors and walls 
Comfort in the home: an ideal we are constantly striving to achieve, requiring gratification of the senses. Customisation of the home is above all a matter of achieving the right balance among the ever-changing everyday needs of various family members, but it is also a representation of our state of mind.

We all want our homes to represent us at all times and reflect the variety of our everyday circumstances, offering us a constant sensation of ease and overall well-being, bringing together objects from the past and present, anticipating future changes and seasons or cutting out corners in which to relax.

Our own personal way of putting together spaces, lights and colours reveals our ideals for these balances, clear in the living rooms created by Iris Ceramica, home decorating ideas featuring porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles that look like wood or stone.
The great variety of different porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles makes it easy to change them and give free rein to our creativity in search of customised solutions.
From minimalist design to formal contemporary style, from the elegance of Italian tradition to porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles that look like stone and wood, these interiors interpret our most intimate desire to represent ourselves.
Thus spaces are characterised by a plurality of sensorial experiences, a multitude of subjective sensations perfectly reflecting the image of the way we live and our times.

Marco Privato


01_Single family home in Mezzegra, on Lake Como, Italy. Design: Studio Marco Piva. Photo credits: Andrea Martiradonna

02_Home in Agra, India. Design: Archohm. Photo credits: Humayun Khan.

03_Hofgut Hafnerleiten, Bad Birnbach, Germany. Design: Architecture – Veronika Kammere-Stefan Hanninger; Landscaping – Wolfgang Wagenhäuser. Photo credits: Günter Standl. Press office: PRCo Germany GmbH

04_Iris Ceramica, Living room space. Piasentine floor, available in 3 colours, Cenere-Sabbia-Terra

05_Iris Ceramica, Living room space. Marmi Imperiali flooring, available in 4 colours: Fusion; Iron; Steel; Titanium

06_Iris Ceramica, Living room space. Metal Line floors, available in 5 finishes and colours: Avorio Segesta; Onice Miele; Orosei and Orosei scuro; Statuario Canova

07_Iris Ceramica, Living room space. Flows flooring, available in 13 colours

08_Rolim de Camargo, San Paolo, Brazil. Design: MMBB arquitetos. Photo credits: Nelson Kon

09_Elysium Lot 170, Noosa, Queensland, Australia. Design: KIRK Studio. Photo credits: Scott Burrows
10_Iris Ceramica, Bathroom spaces. Marmi Imperiali wall coverings, available in 4 colours: Fusion; Iron; Steel; Titanium



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