Il Veneziano: the look of Venetian terrazzo flooring for timeless, elegant interiors

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The subtle colour contrasts of terrazzo flooring, with its traditional composition of stone chips and flakes, are brought back to life in Fiandre Architectural Surfaces’s Veneziano slabs.
This collection paying tribute to 15th-century Venetian palazzo maintains the appearance of traditional handcrafted Venetian floors with the advanced technical performance of Fiandre latest-generation high-tech ceramics. Six different surfaces with neutral background colours, available in numerous sizes, offer the ideal response for a plurality of different settings in classic contemporary style

Il Veneziano: the look of Venetian terrazzo flooring for timeless, elegant interiors
Flexible, refined Venetian terrazzo flooring is perfect for covering floors in traditional or contemporary minimalist style
In recent years high-tech ceramic has brought back this ancient noble flooring material made from pebbles and grit, combining the technical performance of new-generation materials with its timeless look that never goes out of style.
The result is a high-impact floor covering offering a unique structure and textured colour with a wealth of detail. The combination is ideal for both newly designed spaces and elegant renovation projects preserving historic architectural styles and interiors.
Its widely recognised and much-appreciated versatility has brought terrazzo flooring back into fashion in recent years, along with classic contemporary style.
The elegance and fascination of classic contemporary style is based on certain architectural features of buildings, an aspect which may at first appear to be a limitation but in actual fact becomes the style’s strong point and distinguishing feature.
Buildings suggesting this style of interior decorating are normally inspired by classic spaces, but there are also plenty of homes in more modern styles.
We’re talking about spaces with big windows featuring arches, columns, fireplaces and other decorative elements, such as woodwork, inlay, and moulding, normally on very high ceilings.
These solutions are clearly quite different from the latest new architectural trends, which is why the classic contemporary decorating style is normally proposed when renovating historic buildings, stately homes or modern buildings and then modulated on the basis of the actual number of classic elements and details present.
This makes it easier to preserve the existing architectural idiom, setting it off with the trendiest new materials and furnishings.
As always, the most important aspect is the balance the interior designer must succeed in achieving, starting with the strong points and weak points of the building. 
Specifically, classic contemporary design attempts to avoid excess, evoking atmospheres in warm, cosy hues and making the most of the sense of depth and light points to suggest a refined, unostentatious form of luxury without overdoing the vintage look.
Examples of ways to obtain this effect include suspension lighting taking advantage of the high ceilings in homes of this kind, use of subtle hues to soften the shapes of furnishings, curtains and upholstery, and thoughtfully positioned modern decorations and art prints that add a youthful touch to the overall atmosphere. 
Classic contemporary design also assigns great importance to the balance of solids and hollows, with contrasting colours but no particularly bright hues; items in "intermediate" styles such as shabby chic or Provençal style are excluded.
As always, though, these are mere suggestions, to be adapted and customised in response to personal needs and tastes. 
Classic contemporary style is not necessarily divided exactly in half, with 50% classic and 50% contemporary; as we have seen, its attraction lies in the ability to balance characterising elements.
In this context, Venetian terrazzo flooring offers the ideal way of elegantly underlying this style appropriate for a vast range of spaces, in the home and elsewhere: luxury shops, hotels and places of hospitality, both public and private.
Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, an international landmark in contemporary ceramic surfaces, offers an excellent solution with its new Il Veneziano collection, a "luxurious tribute to the 15th century palaces overlooking the Venetian Lagoon” which fits perfectly into the most modern projects of today. 
The large size and reduced thickness of Fiandre slabs make them perfect for flooring in which classic terrazzo finds renewed vigour and modernity, combined with technical properties such as strength, ductility and flexibility, and with easy laying and maintenance. 
In the spirit of the characteristic combinations of different hues appearing in Venetian terrazzo flooring, the collection includes six highly expressive colours sharing a basic neutral mood: Seminato Beige, Miele, Bruno, Candido, Argento and Nero.
The 10 mm thick full-body ceramic slabs are available in the 120x60, 60x60 and 60x30 cm sizes, with two different finishes, polished and matt. In Spring-Summer 2021, new sizes will be released in addition to these traditional ones: 120x120, 150x75 and 75x75 cm.
The three surfaces Seminato Candido, Nero and Beige are also available in 6 mm thick Maximum slabs in the innovative 270x120 cm size, with a honed or bright finish.
The new-generation 270 x 120 Maximum slab is intended to reduce scrap on the construction site, permitting easy transportation and laying and helping to improve the quality of spaces by meeting the requirements of liveability today.
Two colours of Maximum slabs are shown below. In the Veneziano Seminato Candido slab, the background of the ceramic slab is an ethereal pearly hue with blush details and off-white marbling.
The result is particularly expressive, dramatically underlining spaces and revealing dark pigments which are "combined but never blended, echoing an Impressionist painting".
Seminato Nero is "like Venice when dusk descends": the material takes on a fascinating appeal, reflecting a bold nocturnal character, easily combinable with furnishings in pale colours and light volumes, as in an abstract composition.
Seminato Beige is a blend of soft, subtle colours inspired by sunrise over the Venetian lagoon. "A full-body slab with pink undertones featuring unrestrained fine particles and diffuse flakes on a free-flowing surface composition", just like the original material.

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