Hotels and resorts in Mykonos featuring Ariostea Ultra tiles

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In the evocative setting of the island of Mykonos, Ariostea’s Ultra slabs cover the surfaces of several prominent luxury hotels with their elegant, versatile style in the traditional Mediterranean mood, maintaining the buildings’ unique architectural identity

Hotels and resorts in Mykonos featuring Ariostea Ultra tiles
The best architectural projects are the result of a combination of splendid natural landscapes with cutting-edge innovative materials.
One such project is the recent renovation of several hotels on the island of Mykonos (Greece) featuring use of large porcelain slabs from Ariostea’s Ultra collection.
Setting the standard "for all projects in which size makes the difference", Ultra represents the top in ceramic technology, a key product for Ariostea because of its ability to combine the strength of porcelain with the lightness permitted by slight thickness (6-10 mm).
UltraAriostea and The Myconian Collection
Mykonos, an island in the Cyclades archipelago, is one of the world’s best-known holiday destinations for its dreamy beaches, excursions and lively nightlife.
The natural and urban landscapes rival one another in beauty: the island’s typical villages of bright white houses are dotted with brightly coloured flowers, all in a harmonious setting characterised by a mild Mediterranean climate.
Characterised by the traditional architecture of the Cyclades, Mykonos is a maze of narrow alleyways and neighbourhoods, cubic white buildings, flat roofs and bright blue wooden balconies.
The unique architecture of Mykonos is protected by restrictions which affect the choice of products for exterior use in both renovation projects and new constructions.
For the renovation of a series of top class hotels belonging to “The Myconian Collection” hotel chain, the challenge was how to work on the structures involved while complying with environmental restrictions and preserving the separate identities of different hotels and resorts.
The exclusive nature of the hotels in the Myconian Collection, which are diversified and "designed specifically to meet the needs of all kinds of guests", was the starting point and the final goal of the partnership with Ariostea and the consulting services of prominent international architectural studios.
The hotels renovated were the Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Imperial, while the new constructions were “K Hotels”.
In the Hotel Ambassador, built with "the blue and white colour scheme and all the sobriety of a five-star “Relais Chateaux” hotel", the floors of the hotel rooms were covered with Ultra Iridium Bianco porcelain slabs in the 150x75 size, while Ultra Resine Silicio 100x100 slabs were used to pave the breakfast room and restaurant.
The choice of Iridum Bianco had a significant impact on the quality of the light in the rooms: with its soft finish, Iridium Bianco gives floors an expressive quality which naturally places high-tech porcelain in the long tradition of quality Mediterranean floor coverings.
The elegance and vitality conveyed by porcelain tiles adds a luminous energy to spaces characterised by hospitality, comfort and relaxation.
Iridium Bianco was also used to cover the floors in the entire structure of the Hotel Imperial (in the 100x100, 150x75, and 75x37.5 sizes), a luxury hotel that stands out for its dynamism even while remaining a family hotel.
An exclusive hotel, the Royal Resort offers every possible physical and psychological comfort as well as plenty of halls for hosting conferences and ceremonies. 
The floor is covered with Iridium Bianco (150x75) to create an atmosphere combining the originality characterising the architecture of the Cyclades with modern design.
The new “K Hotels” include three separate hotel complexes: Korali (Relaix Chateaux), Naia (Luxury Suites) and Kyma (Design Hotels).
These 3 hotels all share a youthful atmosphere, offering both hospitality and entertainment for a complete holiday; from the cosy luxury suites to a variety of dining alternatives and wellness, spa and fitness areas.
In accordance with the "informal elegance" of these spaces, Ariostea laid 4 different floor coverings in similar colours: Ultra “ICementi” Iron and Silver, Ultra “Resine” Silicio and Ariostea “Pietra di Calais”.
Their pleasing subtle hues allow resin-like and cement-like porcelain slabs to offer all the sensations of classic materials, fitting perfectly into the tradition of Mediterranean floor coverings.

Marco Privato