Harmony and naturalness: Maxfine Walk On and Cluster cement-effect maxi-slabs

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Cement-effect porcelain surfaces add a refined touch to today’s spaces with their neutral natural hues. From the most traditional styles to the metropolitan look, FMG Maxfine cement-effect floor and wall coverings underline residential and commercial spaces with the warmth and chromatic equilibrium of chiaroscuro hues, as revealed by the recently unveiled Walk On and Cluster collections

Harmony and naturalness: Maxfine Walk On and Cluster cement-effect maxi-slabs
The cement effect is a particularly refined contemporary design solution for floor and wall coverings.
The tactile properties and look of cement, recognised and appreciated in all modern styles, from industrial to minimalist, have made it a popular material for residential, commercial and public constructions. The cement effect is also a natural pavement for outdoor spaces both large and small
Cement has been attracting a lot of attention lately in furnishings and home accessories too, in manufactures such as lamps, tables, shelves and other accessories with a handmade feel, as well as a variety of outdoor applications such as plant pots and seats. 
An apparently cold, rough material, cement reveals a decorative soul and an unsuspected image of lightness when applied to a variety of different surfaces. 
Cement’s compactness and strength are of course iconic qualities of this classic construction material. So we shouldn’t be surprised to find it becoming increasingly popular for covering floors and walls in the home, especially in contemporary styles with a vintage mood inspired by rough, rusted and timeworn materials.
Cement effect porcelain, the ceramic material with the highest performance standards on the market, is a high-impact creative solution for architects and designers, who prize its simplicity, neutral hues, sobriety and innate textured qualities.
The great variety of colours, in a chiaroscuro colour palette primarily including shades of grey, make cement effect porcelain ideal for use with brightly coloured home furnishings, underlining them with its strong and silent presence.
FMG’s Maxfine maxi-slabs are a key concept in all contemporary projects wanting to make the most of the potential of porcelain, in both structural and aesthetic terms.
Maxfine maxi-slabs offer a high-tech combination of strength and lightness, expressed through large size and minimal thickness, becoming a highly effective, prestigious solution for any application.
With strong design connotations, Walk On is “the ideal solution for furnishing private and commercial spaces with an extremely clean aesthetic".
The cement-effect high-tech ceramic of Walk On is based on metropolitan inspiration, starting with a colour palette of characteristic neutral hues.
Walk On adds a touch of refinement to spaces in hues ranging from candid Snow to warm Hazel, from the dark variant of Dusk, "perfect for rock spirits", to Silver and the new Sand.
Three thicknesses are available (6, 9 and 20 mm) in a great variety of conventional square and rectangular sizes: Walk On is available in maxi-slabs measuring up to 300x150 cm.
The Walk On collection is available with three finishes, Natural, Pre-polished and Non-slip for outdoor spaces.
MaxFine Cluster maxi-slabs, on the other hand, are "a creative combination of the voluble beauty of cement contaminated with the addition of fine gravel creating refined surface effects".
The Cluster collection includes five earthy neutral hues: White, Brown, Iron, Grey and Dark, available in two finishes, Matt and the new soft touch Silky version
Cluster redesigns spaces in pursuit of a delicate formal balance, taking a new look at tradition with practicality, rigour and natural warmth through a melange of cosy, discrete, harmonious hues.

Marco Privato