FMG Maxfine furniture: stoneware maximum versatility


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With its Maxfine maxi tiles, FMG transforms the unalterable material that is porcelain stoneware into a designer product that clads and creates tailor-made and customisable items, ranging from kitchen worktops and bathroom counter tops to tables, from flower boxes to doors and reception desks.

FMG Maxfine furniture: stoneware maximum versatility

The use of porcelain stoneware in floors and walls is the distinctive feature of modern cladding. Its general unalterable state, impermeability, ease to clean, and high resistance to surface and deep abrasion make it the perfect product for internal and external surfaces, regardless of their style. The design research and endless technological development is increasingly encouraging companies to search for new creative solutions, to meet the needs and demands of the modern market.

From this viewpoint, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti has improved the potential of porcelain stoneware tiles thanks to Maxfine, the slabs with the largest sizes available on the market (including 320x160, 300x150, 180x21.5) and ultra-thin thickness (0.6 cm).
With Maxfine, the material's first function is, first and foremost, as flooring, but there actually is much more. Indeed, a slab of this size, which is both durable and light, also boasts a third, important element: versatility of use
Its modular formats make it a contemporary designer product, capable of fulfilling its function to create and, at the same time, clad "the walls of a skyscraper and a garden table".

Thanks to this additional function, Maxfine porcelain stoneware slabs easily create mass-produced surfaces and custom-made decorative elements. Among these, large and small tables, other individual pieces of furniture, shutters, drawers, surfaces such as bathroom counter tops, kitchen worktops and reception desks, wardrobes and doors, chimneys and customised interiors, benches and flower boxes for use both inside and out.
Porcelain stoneware can be coordinated with FMG floors and cladding, transforming this new dimension in the field of furniture into a reliable solution, with high aesthetic value thanks to a wide range of materials: marble effect, onyx, stone, wood, metal, concrete.
Some furnishing solutions can be found in the gallery, and can be customised to meet specific needs. We would especially like to mention the ambience created using Maxfine marble-effect slabs (available in 12 varieties), which allow for naturally elegant, creative combinations and sophisticated, personalised indoor and outdoor solutions presenting timeless charms.

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