Energy-saving ventilated walls

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Granitech ventilated walls: an easily applied solution that saves energy while guaranteeing long life for buildings of all types. A project that improves well-being and comfort in the home by maintaining thermal equilibrium in summer and winter

Energy-saving ventilated walls 
ventilated walls covering ventilated walls covering

The declared goal of all new construction projects is to save energy, while also saving money and improving the inhabitants’ well-being. The best construction solutions pursue this goal with projects that combine practicality with long-term savings, such as Granitech ventilated walls.
Ventilated façades covered with porcelain tiles offer an innovative solution guaranteeing constant insulation for sustainable architecture, establishing thermal equilibrium in the building while prolonging the stability and longevity of the outside walls, constantly in contact with the atmospheric agents that can damage structures.

If the building is not new, ventilated walls and the porcelain they are made of also offer an aesthetic restyling, adding new life to buildings of all kinds. And the building’s overall health contributes well-being to the family; homeowners who choose a Granitech ventilated façade not only to protect their investment in the home, but to invest in the health and comfort of the family.
The Granitech ventilated façade system, covered with porcelain and ceramic tiles, limits moisture and energy dispersion throughout the year. Ventilated walls minimise heat dispersion in winter, while in summer the sun’s rays are reflected off the porcelain tiles and ventilation through the gap between the façade and the wall retains heat.

Offices, homes, wineries, schools: more and more clients are choosing Granitech walls.
The many projects the company has worked on also include large shopping malls, office buildings and multipurpose buildings, demonstrating that all kinds of projects should consider protection of masonry structures and dispersion and concentration of heat and energy.
Summing up, the principal benefits of use of ventilated walls are:
- external protection against the action of atmospheric agents;
- efficiency over time;
- easy maintenance of individual porcelain tiles.

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