Creating contemporary spaces with Stonepeak porcelain tiles


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Simple, customised contemporary style is one of the most innovative trends in today’s residential spaces, as revealed in Stonepeak’s vast range of porcelain wall and floor tiles

Creating contemporary spaces with Stonepeak porcelain tiles

An excellent starting point for creating spaces in contemporary style is the initial choice of porcelain floor and wall coverings. The most elegant of all materials for covering floors indoors and outdoors helps create a sense of order in the variety of different architectural styles and furnishings characterising today’s spaces. Creating contemporary spaces is above all a matter of organising the overall atmosphere and, at the same time, the single details of the décor, underlining or camouflaging them; lightening up divisions and passageways between rooms; and making real and perceived space as simple as possible.

These are only a few of the elements that determine the nature of a contemporary space and the variety of porcelain floor and wall coverings, as in the case of the various different Stonepeak collections, helping to determine the overall image of the space and facilitate subsequent interior design choices. Stonepeak’s collections are designed to cover walls and floors in spaces of all kinds, but are particularly effective in residential projects, thanks to the colour combinations and tonal contrasts involved. Stonepeak’s cutting-edge technology permits reproduction of all the effects and hues of natural materials: stone, marble, wood and coloured concrete. This variety of composition, along with the potential offered by decorative slabs, permits creation of refined, intimate spaces with a high degree of customisation, another typical feature of contemporary style. In this gallery we present two Stonepeak porcelain tile collections particularly well-suited to today’s living spaces: Blende and City 2.0.

Available in four different colours, (Brume, Cinereal, Piceous and Titian), Blende brings to mind urban spaces, industrial atmospheres and the innate power of metal. These are floors with a bold visual impact and a timeless charm which may be combined with furniture in a variety of different styles; as part of a contemporary decorating scheme, more traditional elements may be combined with objects with unusual shapes and colours which are bolder and more innovative. City 2.0 is a collection of concrete-effect porcelain tiles in 3 colours which is particularly suitable for the living room and the study: Asphalt, Cement and Olive Cast create a strong sense of security, in hues inspired by cement, which may be combined with 3 artistic frescoes to add an element of considerable visual interest.

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