Cosmic Marble: warm, bright spaces for design in 2021

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica, Iris Ceramica,

Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica’s collections for interior design in the new year feature strong colours and brightly lit, vibrant spaces. The Cosmic Marble collection, inspired by the planets and satellites, abounds in visual attraction and expressive power appropriate for a great variety of spaces, from homes to wellness centres, as demonstrated by a recent project in Tokyo’s Ginza district

Cosmic Marble: warm, bright spaces for design in 2021
Numerous factors have an impact on the choice of surfaces and furnishings for interior design in 2021. Beginning, of course, with the style we wish to give the new or renovated space. This year’s proposals once again range from the refined and trendy to timeless choices such as the minimalist and contemporary vintage styles. In any case, it is the materials that make the biggest difference. Personal tastes and the mood of the moment have a more decisive impact in the next stage, customisation, which has become the key to today’s design projects, allowing us to create custom-tailored spaces promoting the wellbeing of the people who live in and use them every day.
But when the material chosen is marble, the key features that attract our attention are always light and colour.
Marble has a natural sheen that can easily be underlined with natural or artificial light, creating light points using lamps and windows, reflections and shadows: an important resource always at our disposal for expressiveness and creativity.
In addition, the many colours marble is available in make it a particularly popular material on the market for surfaces and custom-made furnishings. Various hues of white marble and neutral hues are still the most popular, but black surfaces and warm, bright hues also offer fascinating, attractive solutions.
High-tech ceramics have recently begun to offer a series of marble-effect aesthetic solutions that take design and luxury up a step, as in the partnership of Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica.
The brand’s collections of high-tech porcelain slabs respond to a large number of requirements of everyday living. In the Diesel Living with Iris Ceramica collections, inspired primarily by the industrial and metropolitan world while also drawing on pop culture, "different, opposing patterns such as cement or visually delicate surfaces move together in a well-reasoned or fantastic game".
The partnership highlights particular qualities, such as eclecticism and desire to experiment, shared by the two well-known Italian brands.
Diesel Living has explored the potential of furnishings, lighting, objects and fabrics for the home in new ways in recent years; while Iris Ceramica is a world landmark in quality contemporary interior design.
Cosmic Marble, the collection presented in the photo gallery here, is one of the pair’s most expressive collections, in which " vivid, golden brushstrokes caress the surfaces as if they were an artist’s canvas".
The collection is inspired by the colours, forms and veining of "planets and moons’ surfaces and atmospheres, to recreate the cosmic wonder experienced by past and future astronauts", as suggested by the names of the six surfaces (Venus, Uranus, Saturne, Pluton, Mars e Lune).
In this case, the ceramic slab is no longer a simple surface covering for the room, but clearly an object of design that adds to the mood of the space with its refined, vibrant, dreamy look.
Available in a thickness of 9 mm in the 120x60 cm and 60x60 cm sizes, with a glossy finish, Cosmic Marble comes in a vast palette of colours ranging from pale Lune to the petroleum shades of Venus and the reddish hues of Mars.
The golden inserts shared by all the colours in the range are vivid and marked, becoming the visual focal point of the surface covering. Their original billowing streaks recall cosmic nebulae, further adding to the prestige of the ceramic slab.
The beauty of the Lune Cosmic Marble slab was recently chosen for a well-known clinic offering regenerating beauty treatments in Ginza, an exclusive district in Tokyo, home to the city’s most refined fashion boutiques and stylishly alluring restaurants and sushi bars.
Conceived by design group Union-Tec in collaboration with architects Daisuke Okuma and Eri Nagashima, the clinic has been described as a "sanctuary dedicated to beauty" with direct links with Nature, a concept strongly rooted in Japanese culture. The design of the space is based on curved lines, as if in a gesture of embrace, with walls creating a feeling of fluidity with their curved shapes and discrete lighting.
The reception hall is an intimate welcome and waiting area lined with Cosmic Marble Lune slabs. The continuity of their precious texture allows Cosmic Marble Lune slabs to "exalt the essence and aesthetics of the design, adding a touch of superb elegance in accordance with the exquisite refinement of the polished brass", making an important contribution to the creation of a cosy, relaxing atmosphere privileging light, bright colours.

Marco Privato