CON.CREA. concrete and resin-effect tiles for contemporary, minimalist style

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CON.CREA. porcelain tiles help create a room with an avant-garde and versatile minimalist ambiance, beginning with simple materials such as power float-effect concrete and synthetic resins. Over the years, Ultra Ariostea has extended the concept of ceramic surfaces in a range of large format, lightweight tiles, with excellent technical performance. Alongside installation on floors and walls, the tiles are perfectly suited to innovative furnishing solutions with seamlessly smooth, curved and backlit surfaces.

CON.CREA. concrete and resin-effect tiles for contemporary, minimalist style
Minimalist style is one of the evergreen trends in contemporary design.
Knowledgeably researched and selected, these few key elements unequivocally define the identity of any setting, in the home, office or retail showroom.
A restrained yet dynamic minimalist ambiance is created through components that help to define the overall atmosphere of the room: surfaces, light and color.
These basic architectural elements, under the ubiquitous maxim, “less is more”, take on even greater importance than in more traditional designs.
The sensory perception of these few, essential factors is one of strikingly elegant simplicity.
At the same time, their centrality of design accentuates the empty space which resonates further: eschewing excess and superfluous items, a state of mind based on serenity, simple shapes, functional practicality and so on.
Surface design is one of the quintessential aspects of minimalist style.
In fact, floor and wall coverings are motivated by personal expression which then permeates the entire room and ambiance.
Technological developments in recent decades have therefore led to technical ceramics playing a leading role in many interior design styles, including minimalist style.
Ultra Ariostea is a holding Iris Ceramica Group brand that for decades has focused on technological innovation as a fundamental means of offering top quality solutions in the world of contemporary tiling, from both a technical and aesthetic point of view.
Due to its decidedly minimalist properties, CON.CREA. is one of Ultra Ariostea’s more impressive collections. The collection in fact is inspired by power float concrete and synthetic resins. From these, essentially basic materials, the tiles create surfaces with a noticeably contemporary effect, contributing to the appeal of a strikingly sophisticated design.
With a graduated color palette, CON.CREA. is available in 5 colors (Talc, Dove Grey, Earth, Cloud and Ink) ranging from white through to deepest black.
Intermediate colors are soft and neutral, with slight shading and a textured effect, ideal to "meet the needs of avant-garde, versatile minimalism".
The CON.CREA. Collection is available in Natural, Pre-polished and Anti-slip finishes, in both large format Ultra, as well as more traditional sizes. “Various aesthetic effects produce an eclectic product, adding a new dimension to tiles, only restricted by the architects’ or interior designers’ imagination".
In fact, eclecticism is one of the characteristics of Ultra Ariostea porcelain tiles.
With their obvious adaptability and versatility, the numerous Ultra Ariostea collections have decisively expanded the range of applications for large format tiles.
In addition to traditional floor and wall tiling, technical ceramic tiles are now considered de facto furnishing components, as they are customizable and extremely versatile, even in smaller rooms.
With Ultra Ariostea ceramic technology it is possible to “create actual objects or installations with a new concept of lightness and technical performance".
The very nature of ceramics enables designers to create seamlessly smooth, curved and backlit surfaces, for example tables, kitchen worktops, washbasins, stairs, shelves or sliding doors.
The Ariostea brand now plays key role in the Iris Ceramica Group showroom at Clerkenwell, London, where the interiors feature Ultra large format technical ceramic tiles.
In an elegant, industrial-inspired, 600 sq.m. building, the sophisticated showroom displays "evidence of the design versatility of porcelain tiles, with a highly impactive total look which includes walls, floors, furniture modules and decorative items".

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