CM2 Ariostea: porcelain surfaces for outdoor use

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The unique properties of porcelain make it perfect for outdoor spaces of all kinds, guaranteeing strength and practicality: CM2 is Ariostea’s solution responding to all the principal requirements for outdoor cladding with a range of classic and contemporary colours

CM2 Ariostea: porcelain surfaces for outdoor use
Porcelain for outdoor use is the best solution for covering outdoor areas both large and small.
Outdoor flooring must meet a series of requirements and offer a series of qualities that only porcelain can truly meet. The main reason for this is the principal structural property of porcelain, which is its very low water absorption, an average of less than 0.5%. It’s easy to guess that this quality makes porcelain the ideal solution for outdoor flooring which is perennially in contact with atmospheric agents and constant moisture.
In addition to the essential quality of non-absorbency, porcelain stands out for other mechanical properties, both throughout its mass and on its surface, and for a series of thermal and hygrometric properties which are particularly important for outdoor applications. These include very high resistance to bending and impact, stress, chipping and scratching, deterioration, abrasion, changes in temperature and light conditions, and considerable resistance to frost. On this point, note that porcelain for outdoor use cannot be damaged by frost as it is impossible for water to penetrate the material. Outdoor flooring must also meet stricter safety requirements than indoor flooring, such as resistance to slipping. Porcelain stands out not only for its non-slip qualities but for its high mechanical and chemical performance.
Ariostea is one of the top brands of the Iris Ceramic Group, of which it has been a member since 1988. A pioneering brand in the creation of advanced floor and wall coverings, Ariostea "specialises in production of through-coloured high-tech porcelain slabs created exclusively from carefully selected natural raw materials from all over the world".  With decades of know-how, Ariostea has come up with an important outdoor flooring concept known as CM2.
The name refers to the material’s thickness, which is greater than conventional materials for indoor use.
CM2 is designed specifically for outdoor flooring intended for both public and private use. Its mass and thickness guarantee the optimal mechanical strength and longevity required due to the problems that must be addressed by outdoor coverings.
In addition to the properties mentioned above (strength, drainage), the principal benefits of CM2 Ariostea include easy laying and cleaning, as no adhesives or stuccos are used. The material may be laid directly over the floor screed, or on gravel, sand or grass. If it is used in raised flooring, it is necessary to take into account the specific features of tiles of this size, as well as the dimensions of the raised floor itself. 
Another benefit of Ariostea CM2 is its practicality: porcelain tiles are easy to remove for inspection and reuse. These aspects are particularly advantageous in outdoor applications, permitting passage and maintenance of pipes and wiring.
When it comes to aesthetic considerations, Ariostea produces porcelain tiles with different effects in the best tradition of outdoor surfaces.
CM2 Legni High-Tech wood-effect tiles for outdoor use are available in six bold yet delicate shades of Oak: Briccola, Cenere, Grigio, Impero, Sabbia and Tundra.
The Materie collection offers a particular interpretation of the visual concepts typical of materials found in nature: in the four colours Cenere, Diorite, Fango and Peltro, all the expressiveness and naturalness typical of life outdoors are expressed.
The CM2 Pietre Naturali High-Tech collection includes six colours: Absolute Black, Basalto Grigio, Crema Europa, Green Quarzite, Pietra di Ragusa and Pietra Piasentina: a chiaroscuro colour palette including the most classic coverings for outdoor use.
The Teknostone collection has a more contemporary look, available in CM2 in the three colours Light Grey, Smoke and Soft Black. Suitable for any style, with simple, captivating textures, Teknostone "reinterprets the pure, refined character of stone, finding simplicity to be the perfect response to the requirements of architecture and design today," outside as inside.
Ariostea’s CM2 can be used to make custom-made furniture matching the floor and wall coverings, and as the various different colours are also available in the conventional thickness, the important effect of visual continuity between outside and inside can be maintained.

Marco Privato