Ariostea Pietre Naturali High-Tech for design in 2019

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Porcelain surfaces are the key to design in 2019, because of the way they can easily be combined with any decorating style and with today’s most trendy colours and with patterns inspired by nature. Ariostea Pietre Naturali High-Tech offer a complete, versatile, truly unique colour palette.
A compact, homogeneous material made up of natural raw materials and minerals, produced on the basis of the ethically and environmentally sustainable values of the Iris Ceramica Group

Ariostea Pietre Naturali High-Tech for design in 2019
The latest design trends confirm the simple styles that have been popular in recent years (including the minimalist and Nordic styles) while registering some degree of return to colours and decorating styles inspired by nature.
In these design trends for 2019, stone-effect porcelain flooring is the ideal surface for all kinds of decorating styles, perfect for all interior decorating choices thanks to the great variety of original colours and textures available, forming a set of elements characterising the aesthetic of the best high-tech ceramics on the market.
The multitude of effects that can be created with porcelain (wood, resin, cement and porphyry, to name only a few examples) ensures sufficient versatility to suit any kind of interior design style.
But it is stone-effect porcelain floor tiles that best express the latest trends in design in 2019. 
Stone-effect wall and floor coverings can easily be combined with the many colours, accessories and home furnishings available on the market, particularly all those reflecting properties tied with the simplicity of nature.
This aspect is reflected in the refrain that keeps coming back in design trends over the past few years: the simplicity of nature is expressed through decorative use of plants, using natural materials in an unfinished state (in pipes, vases, shelves and bare brick, for instance) with a vintage lived-in-look, such as wood and stone.
One of the companies in the Iris Ceramica Group, an Italian leader in the production of porcelain and high-tech ceramics, Ariostea presents Pietre Naturali High-Tech, a collection of stone-effect porcelain available in 13 varieties to complete a chromatic and expressive mosaic that goes with any style of design, in the home, in public places and in places of business.
From the darkest varieties (Black Ardesia, Pietra d'Avola) to shades of grey (Pietra di Luserna, Pietra di Ragusa, Basalto Grigio, Pietra Piasentina) and delicate hues of white, yellow, pink and beige (Limra, Pietra Gialla, Pietra di Borgogna, Pietra di Barge), the Pietre Naturali High-Tech collection offers a complete solution for any kind of space, however large or small, with its great variety of surface finishes.
The highly expressive character of Ariostea’s Pietre Naturali High-Tech tiles can make any space unique, underlining the originality of every single tile with the overall composition and adding warmth and character to the atmosphere in the home, even in outdoor spaces taking advantage of porcelain’s durability and strength.
Iris Ceramica Group porcelain
The reasons for porcelain’s great popularity as the best floor and wall covering lie in the material’s impressive technological performance.
Porcelain is superior to any other ceramic material on the market in many ways, as demonstrated by its technical features, which meet the requirements of the strictest international standards regarding product quality and do not harm the environment in any way.
This is the case of new generation porcelain by the Iris Ceramica Group, which "has been promoting the prestige of Italian ceramics all over the world since 1961 and fulfilling its commitment to making ceramic creations of great technical, aesthetic and design value every day”. 
The qualities that make porcelain stand out above other ceramic products include its very low water absorption and compactness, features which make porcelain the material with the greatest resistance to stains and dirt, permitting easy cleaning and sanitisation.
The Iris Ceramica Group’s production process reflects a strong focus on environmental issues, starting with careful selection of raw materials and guaranteeing qualities such as physical and chemical resistance, reduced thickness and the reliability of samples.
This is a true environmental challenge, and the company’s commitment is demonstrated by the recent experience of POLLUTION 2018 - RefleAction (in partnership with studio MC A and SOS School of Sustainability), presented in Piazza Santo Stefano in Bologna (September 23-28 2018) with an installation by architect Mario Cucinella.
The Iris Ceramica Group underlined its "commitment to environmental sustainability over the past fifty years" with Pollution in 1972, testifying to the values underlying the company’s foundation, "the Group’s constant commitment to research, new technologies and social responsibility". 

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