Adamas kitchen and bathroom tiles: new horizons for high-tech ceramics

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Adamas is a collection of Iris Ceramica tiles underlining the convex shape typical of diamond-cut tiles, creating surprising new kitchen and bathroom surfaces characterised by innovative colours in classic shapes that make an original contribution to the décor and create an evocative atmosphere in the home

Adamas kitchen and bathroom tiles: new horizons for high-tech ceramics

The kitchen and the bathroom have come to play a central role in the design of today’s homes, thanks in part to the increasingly innovative contribution made by high-tech, beautiful ceramic surfaces.

Today’s kitchens and bathrooms reinterpret their traditional image with a surprising ability to reinvent every single tile in the surfaces. In addition to floors, the porcelain tile market offers a variety of solutions for customised and made-to-measure countertops, tabletops, and other surfaces and coverings to make the most of every available space in the home. 

What used to be a simple surface to rest things on, appreciated for its primary function, has now become an integral part of the look of the bathroom or kitchen, as a place to put furniture and objects or simply left bare to show off the qualities of the surfaces themselves. 

These ceramic coverings can be seen and interpreted in terms of the complexity of their surface, underlining their design, texture and colours throughout their full extension; or they may be seen as a group of separate objects, in which case the emphasis is on the individual ceramic tile rather than the overall effect.

This vision converges in the practice of interior design: individual tiles can create an effect of visual continuity, for instance by reducing grouting to a minimum, by laying large slabs, or by using the mirror effect of the composition (book match), as in the case of marble-effect porcelain.An excellent example of how to make the most of surfaces, from the single ceramic tile to the overall effect, is offered by Adamas by Iris Ceramica, a tile designed for people who prefer bathrooms and kitchens in contemporary style but also want classic harmony and traditional furnishings.

Adamas is Iris Ceramica’s reinterpretation of a variant of the classic ceramic tile featuring "the convex shape typical of diamond-cut tiles". A single 10x30 cm Adamas semigres ceramic tile creates a facet which, when laid next to the other tiles, creates a harmonious space in motion thanks to the reflections of its edges.We are therefore in the presence of a wide-ranging vision of design which uses the single unit as the starting point for enhancing the whole: Iris Ceramica takes a classic ceramic tile and reinterprets it, boldly experimenting with elements of great expressive impact (such as light, or warm, bold, saturated colours), placing them in the context of the practice of construction and installation to promote customisation of spaces in the home

Presented in 9 colours, Semper, Ater, Flavus, Arantia, Salvia, Albus, Ruber, Viridis, and Azura, Adamas is a hymn to colour and light, a concrete example of a covering material that becomes a full-fledged part of the décor. This strong formal component is enhanced by a number of decorative elements: Dives inserts and Magis insets and strips add further wealth to these colours to create truly original compositions.As we have seen, in addition to the essential chiaroscuro colours (Ater and Albus) the colours in the Adamas lines are laden with expressive power: as in the Semper variant of brown and Salvia, sage green: relaxing natural hues which are perfect for open spaces, creating an air of refinement, serenity and comfort.

The ochre and orange coloursFlavus and Arantia, often paired with Viridis green, have a much more energetic, dramatic spirit, and are particularly suitable for adding a touch of vivacity and warmth to the kitchen. The deep red of Ruber, on the other hand, is designed to offer "a new idea for life in the bathroom", entrusted with "the task of expressing the room’s ironic personality".Recommended with a number of different Iris Ceramica floors, Adamas wall tiles go particularly well with the wood-effect porcelain surfaces in the French Woods line and with Pietra di Basalto.

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