Cattle Race Steak House by C.DD


Ouyang Yun,

Guangdong, China,


In designing the Cattle Race Steak House, the C.DD studio merged Chinese and Western cultures. Its objective was to create a pleasant environment, using contradiction, first and foremost the contradiction between intimacy and openness.

Cattle Race Steak House by C.DD

A steak house in the heart of Zhanjiang boasting an American, but also Chinese, style. For the creation of the Cattle Race Steak House, the Chinese studio C.DD was inspired by contrapositions between the Chinese and American cultures, which are so very different from one another.

The oxymoron deriving from the merging of two opposite concepts was fully embraced by He Xiao-Ping and Li Xing-Lin, who referenced, first and foremost, the antagonism between intimacy and openness.

Indeed, the restaurant is an open space that is actually divided into more private and reserved areas thanks to the layout of the furniture and the use of watermark glass panels. The choice of materials also created a clear contraposition between the white walls, the wood and the plants. These create a sense of modernity and ecology, while the use of leather gives the steak house a “historical” touch that is so typically American.

Francesco Cibati

Place: Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China
Area: 367 sq. m.
Project: C.DD – www.cddesign.cn
Designers: He Xiao-Ping, Li Xing-Lin
Team: Cai Tie-Lei, Yu Guo-Neng, Zeng Xiang-Ru, He Liu-Wei
Photos: Ouyang Yun


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