Brooks + Scarpa, Studios Jigsaw, USA


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Brooks + Scarpa’s project creates a subtle play of tension between interaction and isolation, light and darkness, in the interiors of a film studio.

Brooks + Scarpa, Studios Jigsaw, USA

An interior design project for a film studio by Brooks + Scarpa meets two essential and apparently contradictory requirements.

A place of small size, dark, without any reflected light or distractions, in which the architects were asked to design a stimulating, attractive workplace that would encourage interaction between customers and workers.

The challenge facing Brooks + Scarpa took the form of transformation of a former warehouse in the industrial zone to the west of Los Angeles, where they were inspired by the concept of Chinese boxes, so that one box, the warehouse interior, becomes a container for more boxes: different areas serving different functions.
The architects adopted design solutions using everyday materials such as ping-pong balls or glass marbles, which provide an unusual form of insulation in the internal double-glazed glass walls which filter light to create diffuse light while isolating each room from its surroundings.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Brooks + Scarpa
Location: Los Angeles, California
Image credits: courtesy of Brooks + Scarpa - ph. Marvin Rand



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