Brooks + Scarpa, Parque de Investigacion Innovacion y Tecnologica

Monterrey, Mexico,

Factories, Offices, Sport & Wellness, Companies,

Brooks + Scarpa’s plan for the Metalsa research laboratory and offices is under construction. The building is a candidate to become the first LEED Platinum certified building in Mexico.

Brooks + Scarpa, Parque de Investigacion Innovacion y Tecnologica
In a vast area near Monterrey airport in Mexico work is underway on construction of a research laboratory, offices and testing plants for a maker of automotive frames, designed by Brooks + Scarpa.

While preserving a volume inspired by the old buildings, the architects designed an industrial plant giving priority to users? and visitors? needs. The sawtooth roof typical of industrial buildings fits perfectly into the mountain skyline of Monterrey and creates a new geometry recalling the building?s natural context.

On the outside, the façade is differentiated in relation to the security and confidentiality requirements of different functions in the building: the first floor is almost entirely covered by a metallic skin of perforated aluminium creating an alternation of full and empty volumes and guaranteeing privacy in the research laboratories, while the ground floor, which is open to the public, is made almost entirely out of glass.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Brooks + Scarpa
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Images: courtesy of Brooks + Scarpa



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