BLVD International’s Mind the Sea Sales Gallery in Shenzen

BLVD International,

Ouyang Yun,

Shenzhen, China,


China’s most minimal real estate agency reveals its essence to clients in a showroom designed by BLVD International. White forms the backdrop of a futuristic environment in which architecture, furniture and brand identity come together in a harmonious whole.

BLVD International’s Mind the Sea Sales Gallery in Shenzen

BLVD International recently completed a branding and interior design project for a top-level Chinese real estate agency, intended to demonstrate its creative, ecological, modern spirit to clients. The entire project is built primarily on the conceptual plane, taking concrete form in a minimal design based on the starting point of white, out of which futuristic forms and spots of colour evolve.

The agency’s true high-tech essence may be noted not only in the furnishings but through the way walls are used to define spaces, some of which stand out for the presence of perforated steel, while in others the bricks in the walls are partially rotated. Thus they create an all-white space which is unexpectedly dynamic, putting spaces into a relationship with one another to create an "in and out" relation of architectural volumes generated by the unusual layout.

Today’s concept of uninterrupted flow is reflected in the near-complete absence of doors and the presence of large open spaces. In the end, this model showroom looks like a real estate agency, but it could easily be the office of a high-tech company.

Francesco Cibati

Location: Shenzhen, China
Area: 269 m2
Year: 2016
Design: BLVD INTERNATIONAL – www.blvd.com.cn
Designer: Liu Honglei, Liang Xiaomei, Wang Ting, Xia Menghan
Photos: Ouyang Yun


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