Workshop for Urban Quality in Pisa

Isolarchitetti, Boris Podrecca, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Claudio Nardi, David Chipperfield,

Pisa, Italy,


Pisa will be hosting “Laboratorio per la Qualità Urbana” from 16 to 23 October.

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Workshop for Urban Quality in Pisa Pisa will be hosting “Laboratorio per la Qualità Urbana” from 16 to 23 October. The week will be packed with events, workshops and conferences exploring one of the hottest topics in the current architectural debate - urban quality.

LabQ is an international laboratory comprised of 20 architecture firms from Italy, France, UK, Spain, Portugal and Austria and includes some major names like David Chipperfield and LAND srl; it was formed to study issues like regeneration of areas and urban spaces because they are of fundamental importance to the quality of life in cities. 

The actual workshop is being held for the first time in Pisa and offers exceptional venues along the Arno for the range of conferences and exhibitions and more, including the Arsenali Repubblicani that will be hosting a workshop on social building in the 1950s and '60s, Sopra le Logge and Bastione Sangallo.

The whole workshop invites you to reflect on the city of the future, whose core themes - according to LabQ - are the priority of the public space, green as the prime value for urban quality and urban planning concepts designed around humans and not just around cars, like now.

“Laboratorio per la Qualità Urbana” is an initiative of the Associazione LP Laboratorio Permanente per la Città composed of architects Massimo Del Seppia, Monica Deri, Silvia Chiara Lucchesini, Fabrizio Sainati and Roberto Silvestri, who worked hand-in-hand with the city council of Pisa.

Christiane Bürklein

“Laboratorio per la Qualità Urbana”
(Workshop for Urban Quality in Pisa) from 16 to 23 October 2015
Pisa, Italy
Studi partecipanti: 5+1aa A. Femia e G. Peluffo, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Buffi Associés, Pica Ciamarra Associati, Mario Cucinella Architects, FOA Federico Oliva, Isolarchitetti Associati, Alberto Izzo & Partners, Labics, LAND Srl, ma0 Studio di Architettura, Claudio Nardi Architects, OBR Associated Architects, OSA Architettura e Paesaggio, Boris Podrecca Architekten, PROAP Lda, RPA Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, Scandurra Studio,Franco Zagari Architetti, David Chipperfield Architects
Link: http://www.labq.org/, http://www.associazionelp.it/
Immagini: Courtesy of LabQ