Town Enclosure, art installation by CLB Architects

CLB Architects,

Tuck Fauntleroy, Krafty Photos, Cody Brown, Matthew Millman,

Bozeman, Montana, USA, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA,



Town Enclosure is an art installation designed by CLB Architects and commissioned by Jackson Hole Public Art. The project was conceived as a meeting place and can be used in a variety of ways, both formal and spontaneous, to foster artistic experiences en plein air.

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Town Enclosure, art installation by CLB Architects
Town Enclosure was a collaboration between the Jackson Hole Public Art initiative, the Centre for the Art's 2018 Creative-in-Residence programme and CLB Architects. Jackson Hole Public Art starts from the assumption that we fully share, in other words that art can become the promoter of community life as "public art invigorates and transforms, welcoming locals and visitors to a collective experience that builds community."
The Pavilion Project is an original work of art commissioned by Jackson Hole Public Art with the support of the Centre for the Arts, Jackson Wyoming businesses and private donors. The project, originally launched in 2018, has led to the creation of a place for community engagement and a venue for artistic expression located in the heart of Jackson, Centre Park. As part of the Centre for the Art's "Creative in Residence" Programme, the concept was to create a a gathering place that also functioned as a sculptural art installation. This would, in turn, be used in a variety of ways, both formal and spontaneous, and always open to the public, looking to foster artistic experiences in the open air.
The project designed by CLB Architects was the winner of the call launched by the Centre to find the author of this space. Town Enclosure consists of a circular array of cross-laminated timber wall panels, 4 metres tall and 2 to 3.50 metres wide, positioned vertically. Together they form a circle with a 15 metre diameter. 
As the architects explain, the shape of the installation is derived from the symbols of placemaking in the Mountain West, such as fences and corrals, as well as from iconic landmarks like the West Buttress of the Grand Teton. From a distance the composition acknowledges its mountainous setting, engaging motorists and pedestrians passing through and becoming an activator with a sculptural presence on the Park’s flat lawn. Thanks to its layout, which simultaneously creates permeability and opacity, an otherwise simple form acquires layers of depth and complexity. This is particularly noticeable when moving around and inside the installation. Intended as an exhibition and performance space for artists and community groups, it serves as a sort of "armature" for creative discovery, a kind of open-air stage.
After two years in Jackson, the Town Enclosure installation was relocated to the Story Mill Community Park in Bozeman, Montana. A large 24-hectare area, adjacent to the historic Story Mill, regenerated in 2020 as a vibrant community space that includes nearly a mile of East Gallatin River banks and 6 acres of bird and wildlife wetlands. Enhanced by the breathtaking backdrop of the Bridger mountain range, Town Enclosure once again becomes the activator of the park and of the local community, stimulating the creativity of those engaged by the installation designed by CLB Architects.
The strength of the project is underscored by the numerous awards won. The last two in chronological order are the Jacques Benedict Prize 2021 from the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) Rocky Mountain Chapter, and an Honor Award at the 2021 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Western Mountain Region Design Awards programme.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: CLB Architects
Location: Jackson Hole, Bozeman, USA
Year: 2018 - ongoing
Images: Matthew Millman, Krafty Photos, Tuck Fauntleroy (Jackson, Wyoming), Cody Brown (Bozeman, Montana)