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Solar Decathlon Europe 2014: RhOME for denCity
The Italian team has won Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 with its project, RhOME for denCity, a victory featuring eco-friendly technology and owner-builder construction. A fantastic victory for environmental and social sustainability alike!

RhOME for denCity, has won the Versailles Solar Decathlon Europe , 2014; the project is by Roma TRE university it was Italy’s only competitor. This victory is proof positive of how well RhOME responded to the competition’s buzzwords: energy efficiency, urban design, sustainable transportation, affordability.

Based on a “thinking globally by acting globally” la “home for Rome” approach, the “home for Rome” not only provides fabulously eco-friendly, high-tech solutions, it is also geared towards improving significant urban degeneration. In the current social and economic climate, land use is high and the consequent environmental impact is exacerbated even further by people unauthorised owner-building.

The RhOME prototype in Versailles is the top floor of a four-storey structure, and the goal of its designers is to counteract this phenomenon that is also spreading to other large cities throughout the world. The numbers say it loud and clear, as we can see in the case stady of Tor Vergata, which can be applied across other situations: RhOME can be used to turn the situation of 50 illegal apartments for 200 people occupying 3200 square metres of land, into 150 apartments for 570 people, occupying only 600 square metres.

Of course, the proposal is based on the foundations of all-round sustainable and smart building: Reduce environmental impact, Reuse and recycle materials, Regeneration by territorial densification and redevelopment, Relations for aware citizens and Rapidity for quick building and simple maintenance resulting in a longer lifecycle.
Congratulations to the RhOME for denCity team!

Project: Team RhOME for denCity, Roma TRE 
Photography: (c) Lorenzo Procaccini, courtesy of Team RhOME for denCity
Official video: http://youtu.be/RLxjLZotcKw


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