Ruhnn Culture Office by inDeco, environments for influencers


Mingwei, Zhou Yan, Zhao Donglin,

Hangzhou, China,

Interior Design,

Ruhnn Culture is China’s largest communications and marketing organization for the internet and e-commerce. Their new offices of more than 3000 square metres, on GT Land Plaza in the CBD of Hangzhou, were completed by the designers from the Chinese firm, inDeco.

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Ruhnn Culture Office by inDeco, environments for influencers We live in a world where new technology connects our private lives and work day-and-night. This connection has also generated a new approach to marketing, particularly in the world of e-commerce. And in China, “influencer” marketing is booming. And these professionals even have their own special name in China: key opinion leader (KOL) or “wanghong”, the Romanization of the Mandarin pronunciation for “online celebrity”. 
Ruhnn Culture - a “wanghong incubator” or “KOL academy” that manages the whole marketing chain from talent scouting to character preparation and content creation - commissioned the design team from inDeco, which specializes in versatile work environments for their new offices in Hangzhou. Which explains the client’s attention to the interior design of their new workplace, which much more than just offices. In designing the new offices for Ruhnn Culture, inDeco worked to create a series of continuous spaces based on careful consideration of the layout and the spatial order, of light and shade, of materials and of the connection between all the different functions. By doing this they craft unique work scenes and translate them into lifestyles: the perfect setting for the characters and their advertising messages.
Based on the keywords “e-commerce” and “KOLs”, inDeco pinpointed a clear functional division of the spaces, made easier by the two-storey tower arrangement in the CBD of Hangzhou, a metropolis with a population of over 9 million. The 37th floor is mainly used for live streaming, shooting and product display, complemented by an office area and spaces for meetings and negotiations. Instead, the 38th floor is mainly offices and also accommodates other support functions such as reception, the signing of contracts and meeting rooms.
The colour palette used by inDeco is dominated by hues widely seen in Giorgio Morandi’s paintings, such as light grey, greyish pink and pale blue.  These soft colours have lasting appeal, emphasizing the company’s wish to help every young KOL on their way to a long career and to give them a firm foothold in a rapidly changing world.
Instant, efficient and free communication is essential for Ruhnn Culture, being at the forefront of the internet trends, and inDeco transposed this into an open plan office to keep staff closely connected and to make the workplace more stimulating. Then they added visual content studios as well as more private rooms. 
The whole project is driven by the desire to create a space that is comfortable and inspiring for both KOLs and employees, focusing on establishing a sense of belonging and happiness - all the more important in this “experience economy” age. And something that all the environments we frequent should imbue, regardless of whether or not they’re designed for marketing and communication.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: inDeco
Location: Hangzhou, China
Year: 2019
Images: Mingwei, Zhou Yan, Zhao Donglin


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