Red Bull Station in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Urban transformation.

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Red Bull Station in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Urban transformation.
Brazilian-French architecture firm, Triptyque is responsible for a major urban transformation project in the heart of Sao Paulo. The Red Bull Station Cultural Centre is located in a fantastically repurposed, previously neglected 1920s power station building.

Red Bull gives you wings ... and in this case they fly you towards creativity! The famous energy drink financed the project to convert an old 1920s building into this contemporary art and cultural centre in the heart of Sao Paulo.

The idea was to liven up part of the city centre and turn it into a location that would become a real creative hub. Because one of the things that makes Red Bull Station stand out is that it has been conceived as a space for the production of culture, in the form of art, a driving force behind urban redevelopment, not just as a platform for readymade exhibitions.

The former municipal Tramway, Light and Power building had fallen into disrepair until the design team from Triptyque stepped in with targeted action, deciding to keep the original façade, while gutting and completely refitting and repurposing the interiors to meet the new needs .

They added the so-called “leaf” on the roof, which covers the green terrace and has a strong visual impact. Not only does it provide shade for outdoor activities but it has also turned the centre into an urban landmark in this redevelopment zone.

Program: Cultural Center and Contemporary Art
Delivery: October 2013
Cliente: RED BULL
Architect: Triptyque
Constructed area = 1680.00 m²
Total area = 1944 m2

Architect: Triptyque http://triptyqueblog.blogspot.it/
Associates: Gregory Bousquet, Carolina Bueno, Guillaume Sibaud, Olivier Raffaelli
General Coordinator: Luiz Trindade
Team: Paulo Adolfo Martins (project) / Pedro de Mattos Ferraz (architect).
Contributors: Thiago Bicas, Ricardo Innecco (architects) / Luísa Vicentini, Sofia Saleme Priscila Fialho, Murillo Fantinati, Natallia Shiroma (trainees).

Photo credits

Project Management Redbull
Jairo Gen

Heritage and Restoration: Ana Marta Ditolvo
Structure: Companhia de Projetos
Foundations: Solosfera Geotecnia e Consultoria em Fundações
Illumination: Studio Carlos Fortes
Facilities: Sermon Engenharia
Fire: Feuertec Engenharia
Waterproofing: Proassp
Air conditioning: Systema
Audio e Video: SVA Sistemas Audio e Video
Acoustics: Akkerman Acústica Engenharia
Music Studio: Acousthink
Air Studio: Fundament-AR Engenharia


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