RECS Architects design Il Ferrarino restaurant in Casablanca

Recs Architects,

Casablanca, Morocco,


The RECS Architects international studio has designed the Il Ferrarino restaurant in Casablanca, Morocco. A place to savour Italian cuisine and which combines the design traditions of both countries, in an elegant setting with carefully balanced coloured accents. All in a recovered pre-existing space.

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RECS Architects design Il Ferrarino restaurant in Casablanca
Casablanca is a city whose mere name evokes colourful images: some think of the Kasbah, while for others, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous film with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Be that as it may, expectations are high when, as an architect, you are confronted with a place with such a strong identity. The interior design project for the Il Ferrarino restaurant in Casablanca thus takes into account all the many aspects that define a winning storytelling for a place dedicated to conviviality.
The project designed by the RECS Architects comes together into what used to be an empty space, located on the corner on the ground floor of a recently restored residential building. The space had never really been used and was therefore in a state of neglect, while at the same time presenting interesting intrinsic qualities. One such quality is the double-height sections that allowed the architects to design a mezzanine where different spaces have been created.
The entrance to the restaurant, located right on the corner of the building, welcomes guests with an interesting funnel shape, creating a kind of alleyway that accompanies them towards the door.
Inside, diners are immediately greeted by the large open kitchen that allows them to observe the preparation of the dishes by the restaurant’s chefs, for a tasting experience that is enriched by the visual element. The dining room, in turn, is in close dialogue with the adjacent street thanks to the large windows.
The fully glazed mezzanine area, on the other hand, allows for the opportunity to enjoy your meal in a slightly more private setting.
In terms of the interior design, RECS’ designers have opted for solutions that are elegant and at the same time sustainable. Everything is based on a neutral colour palette featuring shades of beige, white, black and gold, while the alternation with a palette in shades of green helps break up the uniformity of the environment. The dining room space features dark furnishings that contrast with the colours of the wall coverings.
One of the key features of the project was the use of local materials and furniture from both Italy and Morocco. In fact, thanks to the collaboration with Italian artisans, it was possible to maximise the use of sustainable materials. For example, nearly 80% of the restaurant’s furniture was made using wood recovered from fallen trees affected by natural events such as the Vaia storm and flood that hit North-Eastern Italy in 2018.
The wallpaper that adorns some of the spaces of the Il Ferrarino restaurant has been printed on recycled paper and, to enhance the worn effect, the architects decided to keep its yellowish tone, rather than bleaching the paper to obtain a more neutral surface.
And, as far as the works that decorate the walls of the restaurant are concerned, they were all made by young local artists under 30 years old, with ateliers in Casablanca. A beautiful way not only to adorn and enhance the restaurant’s spaces, but also to give much deserved visibility to local talent.
The Il Ferrarino restaurant designed by RECS Architects is not only an intervention that recovers a pre-existing space, but also one that creates an added value for the neighbourhood, which benefits from the dynamics of the new restaurant that enliven the local context.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: RECS Architects
Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Year: 2020
Images: courtesy of RECS Architects


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