Markus Tauber and brix 0.1 restaurant in Lido park, Brixen.

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Markus Tauber and brix 0.1 restaurant in Lido park, Brixen. With Brix 0.1, architect Markus Tauber has designed an iconic building in the Lido park not far from Brixen, in Alto Adige (Italy). A distinctive location that needed a really innovative formal response.

When you think of Alto Adige in Italy, you think of the magnificent nature of the Dolomites and the traditional Alpine huts. But in recent years, the architecture of South Tyrol has headed in new directions, as we have shared with our readers on Floornature and Livegreenblog (articles, tour of Alto Adige).
The project called brix 0.1 by Markus Tauber Architectura stands in the Lido park of Brixen, a parkland established in 1880 around what remained of an old stretch of the Eisack river after it was regulated, leaving a small lake used for fishing and swimming pool, which explains the park's name, Lido.
This simple but extremely plastic building faces the lake. Markus Tauber proposes an architectural landmark, assisted in this by the sculptural skin, the Corten steel “leaves” of the roof, which really stands out in the green area, both by day and at night when it magically turns into a kind of beacon. This is also helped by the building's large windows, which underscore its engagement with nature and the terrace hanging over the water means guests get an almost physical experience of the environment. 
The architect Markus Tauber paid a lot of attention to the interiors where the landmark Corten steel roof is a feature of the ceiling. The space - in line with current trends - is well lit but at the same time warm and welcoming, and the open kitchen means you can see what the two chefs are up to; after years of international experience, Phillip Fallmerayer and Ivo Messner have opened their restaurant here in Brixen. 
At brix 0.1 we get architecture and cuisine, both of which use selected, modern ingredients without forgetting their local traditions.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Markus Tauber Architectura
Location: Brixen, Italy
Year: 2016
Images: Oscar da Riz
brix 0.1 http://www.brix01.com/


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