Industrial archaeology amidst nature: an old sawmill.



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Industrial archaeology amidst nature: an old sawmill.
An old sawmill on Lake Weissensee, the highest bathing lake in Austria at 930 metres a.s.l., awaits guests for a nature-filled, architecturally rich holiday. The materials used reflect the original use of the construction.

Industrial architecture is not limited to towns alone, it can also be found in the middle of rural landscapes, like the highest swimming lake in Austria: Lake Weissensee in Carinthia.
Architect, Peter Jungmann was commissioned to renovate a 2800 square metre area, where the stone walls of an old sawmill border directly onto the stream – which used to supply energy to the sawmill – converting it into a holiday destination.

The result of the attentive design work in this old sawmill is four spacious apartments, conceived for a relaxing holiday immersed in the ecosystem .

Locally sourced materials were used for the interiors: oiled larch wood and travertine. The layout favours the use of natural light and gives guests breathtakingly beautiful views, where architecture and nature merge.

Wood-fired stoves guarantee a warm stay, and each apartment also has its own deck and sauna. A large, more than 2000 square metre garden stretches south right down to the lake whose verdant shores invite guests to dive in.

The perfect context for a holiday in the mountains amidst architecture and nature.

Ferienwohnung Weissensee
Project: Architekt Peter Jungmann
Client: Dr. Angela Frey, http://www.ferienwohnung-weissensee.at/
Photos: Courtesy of Dr. Angela Frey


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