BioMuseo in Panama by Frank Gehry

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A few weeks ago, Frank Gehry’s BioMuseo opened in Panama.

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BioMuseo in Panama by Frank Gehry A few weeks ago, Frank Gehry’s BioMuseo opened in Panama. This iconic building stands right at the entrance of the Panama Canal: a new landmark for the country.

The BioMuseo in Panama, designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry stands at the entrance to the Panama Canal and serves a dual purpose. Let’s look at them.

On the one hand, it will house the exhibitions curated by the Smithsonian Institute and by the University of Panama to portray the natural history of this Latin American nation: 4100 square metres and eight display galleries designed by Bruce Mao Design will house the permanent exhibits, then there are additional spaces like the atrium and other complementary dedicated activities.

On the other hand, the building is itself a landmark for the country. This iconic structure aims to underscore the importance of Panama, not just for world maritime traffic, but as a nation with globally significant natural flora and fauna treasures.

Of course, this is not just your average enclosed museum and the name – BioMuseo – or biodiversity museum, makes it clear that it seeks to engage with the nature around it. Edwina von Gal is responsible for the landscaping for Frank Gehry’s landmark, with its fragmented shapes and bright colours. Indeed, the botanical garden forms the backdrop for some of the exhibition pieces, extending the indoors towards the outside, a reflection of the ties between Panama City and the ocean.

(Christiane Bürklein)

Architects: Gehry Partners, Llp.
Executive Architects: Ensitu, SA
Main exhibition design: Bruce Mau Design
Exhibition contents: Smithsonian Institute and the University of Panama
Landscaping: Edwina Von Gal
Location: Panama City, Panama
Photography: Fernando Alda. More photos: http://www.fernandoalda.com/index.php?Opc=105&Lng=2&Par1=802
Year: 2014