B-Raku, a cross-cultural interior by Guillaume Terver, studio Le LAD

Guillaume Terver (Le LAD),

Guillaume Terver,

Saint Malo, France,



A fusion of the Japanese and French worlds in the city of Saint Malo.

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B-Raku, a cross-cultural interior by Guillaume Terver, studio Le LAD A fusion of the Japanese and French worlds in the city of Saint Malo. B-Raku, created by Bertrand Larcher and designed by Guillaume Terver of Paris-based studio Le LAD, presents a fusion of Breton and Japanese ceramics and artworks.

The Japanese term raku describes a technique for the production of ceramic objects at low temperature (800 - 950 ° C). Each object modelled and baked a first time is coated with enamel and then subjected to a second baking. During the second firing, the applied coating melts to create very special colours and effects. The technique has its origins in 16th century Japan and owes its name, according to legend, to one of the most authoritative families of master potters (Rikyu) and literally means "Living nature with joy and harmony".
This is the atmosphere we find in the B-RAKU gallery in Saint Malo, designed by the architect Guillaume Terver of Le LAD studio (Paris) for the renowned restaurateur Bertrand Larcher, founder of the Breizh Cafés, famous for their excellent crepes, which are also widespread beyond the territory of Bretagne. 
An interior design project alongside the recently opened French-Japanese restaurant OTONALI by Larcher, also designed by Terver, B-RAKU was conceived as a lounge or extension adjacent to the nearby restaurant.
The space welcomes the visitor with its quiet design where the materials chosen with care and in continuous dialogue between the French and Japanese culture are the protagonists, along with the objects of raku artwork. The space consists of clay walls, parquet floors, solid oak and sapwood shelves and a large granite sink that becomes a real sculpture. The sliding doors of the custom-made furniture are made with traditional Japanese washi paper, handmade and inserted in a wooden frame. The large blocks of granite that support and follow the shelving contrast with the delicate craftsmanship of the ceramics on display.
Faithful to the vision of Le Lad, founded in 2010 together with Christophe Delcourt, Guillaume Terver follows a vision of a usable space that combines functionality and pleasure, daily life and lifestyle.
Architect Terver, already responsible for the interior design of the OTONALI restaurant, explains: "For my second collaboration with Bertrand Larcher, born from a series of exchanges between us,  my aim was to provide a framework to the important notion of 'handmade', to create a space that gives stage to the skilled crafts and unique artwork on display".
B-RAKU is therefore a welcoming space far from the exaggerated minimalism that one would expect for such a place. The raku pottery dialogues through the large windows with the urban context of Saint Malo, the cobblestones of the picturesque alleys, in a game of cross-references between cultures in harmony with the history of the Breton city with its long maritime history and therefore accustomed to cultural mergers.

Christiane Bürklein

Interior Architect: Guillaume Terver, studio Le LAD www.lelad.net
Location: Saint Malo, France
Year: 2018
Photo: Guillaume Terver


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