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Architecture Without Building

Philippe Rizzotti Architects is currently in the process of building the main installation of Architecture Without Building, a large-scale exhibition showcasing the main themes of the work of Yona Friedman, a visionary Hungarian-born French architect. Though much of this work has never been built, Friedman has been a key figure in international urban architectural discourse since the mid-twentieth century.
Friedman views architecture not merely as the art of building but rather the art of space management. He has long advocated the use of local materials, simple technologies and do-it-yourself-architecture, while opposing over-building. His work also explores sustainable urban living, architecture of crisis situations, community planning, recycling, mobility and the role of the architect.
Curated by Nikolett Erőss and Hajnalka Somogyi, the exhibition is located at Budapest’s Ludwig Museum for Contemporary Art, which is quite fitting as Friedman’s urban visions have often inspired contemporary art over the past decades. Designed by Philippe Rizzotti Architects in collaboration with Yona Friedman, the main installation consists of the Spatial City, a three-dimensional space raised up on scaffolding which alternates between occupied and empty volumes. The structure will serve as framework for the display of drawings and illustrations.

The exhibit will run from October 29, 2011to January 08, 2012.


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