Nature and ancient history: holidays at Amanruya

Emine and Mehmet Öğün,

Bodrum, Turkey,

Landscape, Hotel, touristic complex,

Wood, Marble, Stone,


After careful renovation, the Amanruya resort, designed by Emine and Mehmet Öğün’s studio, reopens its doors.

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Nature and ancient history: holidays at Amanruya After careful renovation, the Amanruya resort, designed by Emine and Mehmet Öğün’s studio, reopens its doors. The complex, on the Turkish Coast of the Aegean Sea, is located in an area where culture and a breath-taking nature meet. It is the perfect choice for a sustainable holiday in the lands were the Homeric heroes lived.

An enchanted place described by the Iliad and the Odyssey, a region with an ancient history and a unique beauty: Amanruya, of Aman Hotels and Resorts, a chain that has always paid great attention to the social and environmental sustainability of its structures, is a resort that is intimately connected with the territory where it was built.
Despite its perfect position, just 30 minutes away from the lively city of Bodrum, on the Bodrum Peninsula (Turkish Riviera), Amanruya is far from the crowded tourist areas and is surrounded by a green landscape overlooking the amazing blue waters of the Aegean Sea.
The perfect complement to its natural setting, Amanruya, designed by the award-winning architecture studio of Emine and Mehmet Öğün, famous for their elegant-vernacular language, has the intimate and tranquil ambience of an Ottoman village. An entrance driveway leads to the resort, composed of 36 pavilions providing accommodation for the guests, each complemented by a swimming pool and a covered pergola lounge. These pavilions were inspired by the traditional Anatolian architecture of the region, which blends traditional stone buildings with lush gardens. The architects chose the typical construction materials of the regional tradition, such as stone, terracotta, wood and Turkish marble in neutral hues that enhance the ethereal atmosphere of the resort and ensure its blending with the landscape, characterised by terraced gardens scented by thyme and shaded by olive trees.
The same materials were also used in the resort shared facilities, such as the three-storey tower hosting the library, with an intimate top-floor lounge with breath-taking views, a dining area, a yoga room, a lounge and an art gallery exhibiting the works of local artists. The visual focus of the complex is the 50-meter-long edge swimming pool in green and turquoise marble from Antalya, giving the illusion of entering directly the Aegean Sea.
Besides the beauty of its elegant architecture, Amanruya offers unique culinary experiences, based on the finest local ingredients, and gives its guests the chance to choose among a wide range of excursions to the famous classical sites of the region, such as the ruins of Didyma with its towering Temple of Apollo, Priene and its 5,000-seat theatre, and Ephesus with its magnificent Gate of Hercules. Without a doubt, there are all the ingredients needed for a perfect holiday, where relax and culture meet.

Christiane Bürklein

Project: Emine and Mehmet Öğün - http://www.ogunogun.com/
Place: Bodrum, Turkey
Year: 2018
Images: courtesy of Aman
For further information: https://www.aman.com/resorts/amanruya


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