BIG MVRDV SNØHETTA and aMDL for S.Pellegrino

Michele De Lucchi, MVRDV,

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Four world-famous architectural practices, BIG, MVRDV, SNØHETTA and aMDL, are competing to design the new S. Pellegrino headquarters. The private initiative is part of a wider-ranging project for communication and relaunching of the area.

BIG MVRDV SNØHETTA and aMDL for S.Pellegrino

September 15 saw the presentation of projects by four world-famous architectural practices BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), MVRDV, SNØHETTA and aMDL (Michele De Lucchi) in the design competition for a "Flagship Factory" to serve as the new headquarters of S.Pellegrino, the famous Italian beverage and mineral water brand now owned by the Nestlé group. The initiative is part of a wider-ranging project for promotion of the area with the involvement of local institutions, including restoration of the Liberty style buildings associated with early 20th century San Pellegrino Terme (the Grand Hotel, Municipal Casino and Spa). All four competing projects incorporate the historic building, expanding on it and reconciling it with today’s criteria of efficiency, environmental sustainability, natural surroundings, and positive working environments, and all of them include a San Pellegrino Experience Lab, a laboratory and museum about water and the history of the company.

BIG’s building incorporates the existing factory and frames the mountain landscape around it with a series of big arches, with a focus on open space, light and transparency.
MVRDV uses the company’s hallmark star shape to transform the industrial site and reinforce its links with its setting. Transparent ceilings and floors and a layer of water on the roof recall the building’s function.
SNØHETTA wraps the Flagship Factory in a metal mesh which adapts to the building’s shape and changes when seen from different points of view.
De Lucchi’s project revolves around four keywords: natural, pure, conscientious, and cool. The Italian architect proposes a building that fits perfectly into its natural surroundings, with glass walls and an outdoor "water theatre".

(Agnese Bifulco)