BIG, Honeycomb residential building in the Bahamas

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BIG architectural studio has revealed plans for a new multi-unit residential building in the Albany Bahamas resort.

BIG, Honeycomb residential building in the Bahamas

A honeycomb façade is the most prominent element capturing the observer’s eye in the plan for the new residential building in the Bahamas presented recently by BIG architectural studio with HKS and Michael Diggiss Architects.

The hexagonal shape, recalling the natural geometry of a coral reef or a beehive, supports swimming pools built into the walls of each apartment and makes the most of the ocean view.
The building will be part of a new housing development including three buildings overlooking Albany marina. The shops on the ground floor will overlook a public square also designed by the architects of BIG.
The gardens and the pavement of the plaza pick up on the hexagonal motif of the building’s façade, with elements outlined by little rivulets of water flowing into a big central pool.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: BIG, HKS, Michael Diggiss Architects
Location: Albany, Bahamas
Images courtesy of BIG



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